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1 2015 Gift Guide | For the Homebody

Happy December everyone! It's our favorite month and a great day to start off gift ideas for the homebody! Continuing on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, we've stopped at one of our favorite online shops, Leif out of Brooklyn, N. Y.  Owner Stacey Anne Longenecker has exquisite taste for all things home, and her online shop is always so beautiful to post.  All of these ideas are for the homebody in mind starting with a gemstone magnet set that would brighten anyone's modern fridge to Leif's very own bath soak salts in beautiful + bright coloured packaging. Let's take a look!

(Above) 1.  Gemstone Magnet Set, 2.  Jellyfish Series Small Planter, 3.   Floral Table Runner , 4.  Serpent Pillow , 5.  Hibiscus Bath Soak, 6.  Constellation Matches

7. Palette Swatch Pillow, 8.Incausa Incense Sticks, 9. Saguaro Cactus Ring , 10. Gold Glazed Porcelain Dish, 11. Gingham Stripes Scarf, 12. Tisane Votive Candle,

13. Pinched & Glazed Vase, 14. Outline Tea Towel, 15. Palm Leaf Print , 16. Secret Garden Colouring Book, 17. Seaweed Bath Soak , 18. Fluoro Fringe Cushion

Click here to see more of our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.


3 DIY Paper Flower Wreath

It's been a little paper flower happy around here these days and it was inevitable a wreath was just around the corner.  The flowers are a smaller version of the big paper flower faux holiday tree we made last week and I added a new cabbage-style rose too.  These flowers are actually a lot easier than you would think - once you get the hang of it.  The roses are the most complicated, but even those, once you do one or two you should be well on your way. Here's how we made it:

Materials Needed

For the Flowers:
Crepe paper and tissue paper
Pipe cleaners or a thinner floral wire
Glue Stick
Glue Gun

For the Wreath:
Floral wire (19" long) or wire wreath (12" diameter) already made (if opting for the wire and making your own, just make sure it's a thicker wire so that it's strong)
Paper Flowers (once made)
Gold Eucalyptus branches or something similar (we picked ours up at Michael's)
Glue Gun

1 2015 Gift Guide | Books (Art, Crafts + Journals)

Continuing with our Holiday Gift Guide, here's part two of our book guide featuring a selection of a few art books, craft books and journals that we love.  Click here for part one.

Q&A a Day for Moms, A 5-Year Journal
by Potter Style
This five-year journal will help capture the countless milestones, simple joys, and unexpected challenges that come with being a Mom. The perfect gift to celebrate the birth of a child, Mother's Day, and other milestones in the relationship between a mother and child. Click here for more info.


0 Happy Thanksgiving! Salted Honey Lavender Pie

Earlier this summer we invited Vancouver pie baker, Tina Lau of Tarte Populaire to share her infamous Salted Honey Lavendar Pie recipe in our Poppytalk Summer publication. And since it's Throwback Thursday (and Thanksgiving in the U.S.), we thought we'd bring the recipe to the blog —in case any of you may have missed this magical pie!  Magical? Yes, because once you take a bite you'll know what we mean. The fusion of the salt, mixed with the sweet of the honey and then the hint of lavender are other-worldy.  So so good!  And the crust! One of the best!

Thank you Tina for sharing this with us, and if you are in Vancouver and are a non-baker, you can actually order this pie and many other special fruit pies from her by simply shooting her an email!  Click here to visit her site or you can also see more of her creations on her IG account @tartepop. The recipe is just after the jump! Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!


0 E28 Collection at Nineteen Ten

Designed for modern Vancouver living in mind, E 28 Collection integrates reclaimed butcher block wood and newly formed stainless steel for both beauty and durability. E 28 Collection features the Station Block, Main Bench and Prior Table, three distinct furniture pieces that each embody heritage feel through modern form.

Made in collaboration with Pacific Design Lab and Nineteen Ten Home Boutique, the E 28 Collection is designed for accessibility, versatility and full customizable. The base model for each piece comes with the naturally beautiful butcher block wood, freshly sanded with natural oil finish and custom formed steel is left raw and untreated. Customize to fit into your space by adding a dark wash for depth and detail in the wood or a coastal inspired white wash for a contemporary finish. The steel can be powder-coated for a fresh and clean finish.