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0 Big News! Impossible Project Launches Instant Prints for Phones!


Word on the street, and rather big news for all photo buffs is that the Impossible Project has launched Instant Print for phones. Working on androids and the iPhone (even mini iPad 2 + iPad), the new device attaches to your phone, and then prints out an Instant Print just like a polaroid! But unlike a polaroid, you can edit your photo using the Impossible Project App so that your photo comes out the way you want it to.  Fun yes?  More info at Impossible Project or at Photojojo!

15 12 New Products From IKEA for Spring

Continuing from our post on Friday, here's a few more honourable mentions from IKEA's new products for spring:

1. HOPPVALS blind
We like the clean look of these new fabric blinds which are also designed with no dangling or loose cords making it safe for children.


4 Happy Friday and A Few New Things from IKEA

We leave you this Friday with a few new products coming this April from IKEA that we're rather excited about. Starting with this adorable new pink FALKHĂ–JDEN desk (above and directly below) which features traditional ornaments and a matching add-on storage shelving unit. Have you noticed all the pastel pinks popping up in furniture lately?


9 25+ New + Beautiful DIYs for Spring!

Is it us, or is there a surge of creativity happening this week? Our usual nine or so picks of favorite DIY projects of the week, has easily turned into 25! Must be the hope of spring just around the corner! Check them out!


2 DIY Jasmine Kokedama

Contributor post by Emily and Erick of Heidi's Bridge

We don't know about you, but after months of grey landscapes and bitter cold, we long for everything green and verdant. For a reprieve from the bleak weather, we like to visit greenhouses and garden conservatories--the lush, sub-tropical landscapes feel like a mini vacation and cure any lingering winter blues. To channel this experience at home, we created this DIY kokedama made from jasmine, a beautiful trailing plant that blooms this time of year. The beautiful white blooms scent your home with the most intoxicating, tropical fragrance to help you through the last dregs of winter.