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0 Yarn and Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Contributor post by  Caitlin of The Merrythought

Every time I open up Instagram, I scroll past a photo or two that feature a gorgeous weaving hanging on someone's wall. I even have a few friends that make them! For those of us that love to craft but lack the patience to attempt to make those beautiful weavings, these basic yarn wall hangings are the perfect thing to satisfy your crafty urges. Chunky natural yarn and some lovely eucalyptus pair together to make this simple wall hanging! You can whip one of these up in under an hour!

-12" Piece of Wooden Dowel
-Dried Eucalyptus
-Floral Wire
-Hot Glue Gun

-Cut out pieces of yarn. (Mine were around 40".)
-Fold pieces of yarn in the middle, put the looped end under and over the dowel and pull the other ends through to secure. Repeat until all pieces are on the dowel.

-Add some braids for additional texture if desired. Put knots at the ends to secure braids.

-Use hot glue to attach the eucalyptus stems under the loops to cover end and retighten.

-Wrap floral wire around ends. Use a dot of hot glue on the back of the dowel if wire won't stay in place.

Hang and enjoy!

About the Contributor

Caitlin McGrath lives in a small town in Western New York. When her face isn't hidden behind her camera, she's usually crafting and daydreaming for The Merrythought, where she is a part of the three lady team sharing DIY projects, recipes, fashion, home d├ęcor & and bits of daily life.


1 Dog Photo & Emoji Easter Eggs

The talented Meg Allen Cole  is back at it again, this time with an adorable Easter egg idea with an emoji and dog photo theme.  Always super-cute, and light, we love Meg's DIY projects (and her pups)! Check out the tutorial video below!


0 Recipe | Chocolate Ganache + Truffles

If you've ever come across the hashtag #cakesofinstagram (on instagram obvs) you may have noticed heaps of amazing cakes coming out of there with spectacular toppings upon toppings upon toppings (especially from bakers in Australia and South Africa)! Not just settling for a layer of buttercream frosting, these cakes are turning up the volume to eleven, turning plain cakes into something super-decadent by adding the most amazing toppings such as chocolate ganache, bark, truffles, lollipops, heck, we've even seen popcorn drizzled with caramel!! The possibilities are only as endless as your creativity!

Which brings us to this recipe! The folks at Ideas Magazine are sharing with us today their recipe for chocolate ganache and truffles using the same recipe (featured in their latest April issue) which gives these cakes that little something extra-special! Mixing cream and dark chocolate this smooth and glossy mixture is easy to make, and so easy to decorate.  You can also make truffles out of ganache which they also explain in the tutorial below! The truffles are coated with ground almonds and gold cake sprinkles to suit the theme of this month's magazin, "gold". Who knew it was so easy! Article by Tani Kirsten and photo by Ed O'Riley.

To see more of Idea Magazine online which features heaps of cool DIY projects, click here on zinio.com or visit their website, here.


8 Fashion Friday | Eugene Choo Announces Launch of Exclusive Capsule Collection

Fans of Vancouver's Eugene Choo will be excited to hear they have launched their own house label. Out today, and designed by Dust's Heather Young, the capsule collection features four simple mix and match styles for summer 2015. They are also excited to have collaborated with Banquet Atelier and Workshop on a fantastic 50's inspired skirt in Banquet's lip fabric. The collection is available today, March 27th and also on their new online store!  Check it all out here!


6 9 DIYs of the Week | Easter-Style

The weekend is soon upon us and here our DIY picks of the week. All with a spring or Easter theme!

1. DIY Typography Easter Eggs
by Lovely Indeed
Love these colourful typography-inspired eggs.

2. Spring Rosebud Wreath 
by Ash and Crafts
A beautiful wreath to celebrate spring and greet your guests!

3. DIY Peek-a-boo Bunny Bag
by Minted Strawberry
An adorable egg hunt bunny bag, perfect collecting heaps of finds!

4. Pretty Face Seedling Starters
by Francois et Moi
A cute project for seedling starters, or to decorate a table!

5. Spring Desktop
from The Lovely Drawer
Brighten up your spirits and your desktop with this pretty wallpaper.

6. Chocolate Easter Egg Bark 
by Juniper Cakery
Just like all those Australian cakes we've been seeing lately, now you can make your own by decorating them with your own homemade bark.

7. Egg Terrarium
by Skona Hem
An oldie, but this one just makes it seem so simple.

8. DIY Hanging Easter Egg Planter
by Fall for DIY
Another adorable egg-themed project for plants.

9. Egg Painting with a White Pen
by Skona Hem
A simple idea to decorate eggs using a white paint pen on brown eggs from our Scandinavian friends!

Happy weekend!