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0 Green Thumb Meets Concrete Jungle | New Summer Pots from IKEA

Earlier this week we noticed our neighbor's camellias blooming which has us so looking forward to the season ahead!  The days are a little longer too as we dream of nights out on the patio and flowers blooming everywhere.  Spring is definitely a favourite time of year. With all this anticipation, we are looking forward to planting fresh herbs and flowers out back and so when we saw this sneak peek from IKEA's summer 2016 collection (out in March) we had to share. (Above) The SALLADSKÅ outdoor plant stand ladder. A nice vertical piece for holding herbs and smaller pots. Made of galvanized steel and plastic and designed by Carl Hagerling. $59.99 CAD. (Below) Also very handy is the JORDGUBBE plant pot, (stackable) and great for in or outdoor use. Designed by Jon Karlsson. $9.99/each. Loving it for succulents. By the way, I love it that IKEA always credit's each designer don't you?  We love following their instagram accounts too!  (Maybe we'll do a post on that soon!)

Also of note (below), the SOCKER hanging planters (left), which come in assorted colours and work both inside and out. Designed by Sarah Fager. $6.99/each. And an adorable watering can (right) the SALLADSKÅL, made of galvanized steel and holds 9L.  Designed by Carl Hagerling. $27.99 CAD.


2 Ice Cream Bar | Baked Alaska Ice Cream Cones for Two

As a young child I was always awe-inspired with my Aunt Vi's Baked Alaska.  This was in the day before chef's torches were a common household tool and she somehow managed to pull it off using the broiler in her oven. It was always exciting to see it arrive at the table, and even more fun to devour!

I've always wanted to attempt such a feat, but have always been terrified of the larger version.  But making smaller individual ones is so less daunting, in fact, quite fun. So I thought it would be fun to make an ice cream cone version.  Makes for a fun and special treat for Valentine's Day!


4 A Super-Easy Floral Cake for Valentine's

Guest post by Tamara Taggart

Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite days. Sometimes people feel pressured to go all out on this particular holiday, but staying in with my family is what makes me happiest. The girls love to dress up in princess costumes and help me in the kitchen. This Valentines, we decided to bake something cheap and cheerful.


3 25 Gorgeous New DIY Weekend Projects

Yay it's Friday! Which means it's round-up time of DIYs that caught our eye this week!And this week there were so many, we actually have 25!  Check them out below and happy Friday!


2 Hotel Style | Town Hall Hotel (London)

Photo @eastlondonmornings (© Katya Katkova) via @townhallhotel
This week's Hotel Style post comes to us all the way from across the pond in London at the Town Hall Hotel and Apartments.  Located in the East End, the award-winning hotel mixes architectural character with a modern edge. Starting with the Corner Room, an in-house restaurant featuring an imaginative display of industrial-style pendant lights and a subway tile backdrop (above).