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See San Francisco | Through the Lens of SFGirlByBay + Giveaway!

Today we're excited to feature Victoria Smith's new book, See San Francisco, Through the Lens of SFGirlByBay published by Chronicle Books.  We've always admired Victoria's beautiful photography of San Francisco usually through her Sunday in the City series on her blog and on her instagram, so we were excited to see all that colour and light translated into a book.  This gorgeously photographed book is organized by neighborhoods, featuring hidden corners, landmarks and hot spots of San Francisco. The book makes for a lovely keepsake or souvenir of the city for both dwellers of the city, or those just visiting.  Let's take a little look!

We're giving away a copy (along with some cute See San Francisco buttons and postcards) on our instagram feed today courtesy of Chronicle Books - if you'd like to try your hand at winning! Head on over there by clicking HERE!

See San Francisco, Through the Lens of SFGirlByBay is available at bookstores and online at Amazon.com.

3 Kitchen Love | Pastels + A Little Black

Our five year temporary kitchen solution has officially expired and we are so overdue for a makeover. We still can't afford the kitchen of our dreams though, so dreaming it shall be, or a little painting. Loving all the mints and pastel-coloured cabinetry we've been seeing lately.  Whether they are mixed with marble or plywood, there's something really fresh and modern about them. Definitely a European vibe, making it all the more inviting. Here's a few that we're bookmarking (plus one black worth mentioning). Do you have a favourite?

via OHM
dries otten via sfgirlbybay
dries otten via sfgirlbybay

via OHM

via OHM
RUM Magazine via OHM

VIPP Kitchen via Pella Hedeby


0 A Brit and a Broad | Guatemala

Today we're excited to share a video from Vancouver-based blog, A Brit and A Broad, a travel blog featuring Brianna Wiens and her British counterpart, Macca Sherifi, and the brilliant man behind the lens Brian Ceci. This particular video takes them to Guatemala as they show us the sights and sounds of Antigua, Volcano Pacaya and Tikal.  So beautiful there!  As is there entire series in Central America. A little bit more about them below:

About A Brit and A Broad
Brianna Wiens, also known as "The Broad", is a Vancouver based actor, writer, director and producer. She has bounced from stage to screen to behind the scenes and since she can’t seem to sit still, she began traveling the world.

Macca is an author, blogger and photographer currently living in London, the United Kingdom. Using the experiences of his round the world trip and calling upon his knowledge from gapyear.com, Macca has written the successful ebook Your Round the World Trip Planner: How to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Brian is a cinematographer and photographer currently living in Vancouver, BC. He is avid traveler who has traveled to over 25 countries on five continents, and he is often away on foreign lands with nothing more than a camera in his hands.

A Brit and A Broad is the cumulation of a great passion to see the world and the desire to inspire others to do the same. And it all came together quite nicely; an actor, an author and a cinematographer exploring the world and inviting you along for the ride.

Hosts: Macca Sherifi and Brianna Wiens
Cinematographer/Director: Brian Ceci 
Music: Andrew Peebles

The series can also be found on YouTube and on Apple TV.  Visit them online:

Website: abritandabroad.com
YouTube: youtube.com/abritandabroad
Facebook: facebook.com/abritandabroad
Twitter: @abritandabroad
Macca Sherifi: @backpackermacca
Brianna Wiens: @briannawiens
Brian Ceci: @brianceci
Music by Andrew Peebles


6 20 Cool Decorating Tricks + Finds from the 2016 IKEA Catalogue

With the new 2016 IKEA catalogue hot off the press, and as tradition holds, it's always fun to find what cool decorating tricks and ideas are hidden within their pages. It always takes a few flip-throughs to catch them all (little nuggets to be uncovered, stylist tricks and ideas to bookmark), here's some finds worth a mention.

1. Trick - Fabric Bed Canopy
Love this fabric idea to create a little cozy and private bedtime nook.  (Fabric - BERTA RUTA).

2. Trick - Adaptable Space
The sofa below becomes the bed (above) at night using adaptable, movable furnishings. (LYCKSELE LOVAS sofa bed).

3. Find - Curtain Rod Set
No trick here, just a cool curtain rod set find.  (SANNOLIKT curtain rod).

4. Trick - Noticeboard Gathering
Create one big notice board out of several small cork boards.  (VAGGIS noticeboard).

5. Double Up
Create a table out of stools by piling them up. (ALSEDA stool)

6. Trick - Create a Washi Tape Backsplash
A clever and low-cost way to personalize a space, using gold tape as a backsplash. We're thinking washi tape as a more temporary solution and not so scary on the paint. (SEKTION/HAGGEBY kitchen)

7. Trick - Kitchen Cabinet Becomes Storage Bench
Make a storage bench to create a cozy banquette in your dining area using kitchen cabinets and comfy cushions on top!

8. Trick - Make Plants Look Taller
Make plants look taller or create more privacy by raising plants on lower tables indoor or out.

9. Trick - Light Up
Put some light on the situation (your closet) to help the confusion of what's black and what's navy.

10. Trick - Open Up
Leave your closet doors open and put them to use to showcase your favorite things.

11. Trick - Make a Faux Closet
Not a new IKEA trick (we've reported this a few years back), but not with shelving in the mix.  Put up floor to ceiling curtains, install shelving and create one side of a room (or nook) into a closet.

12. Trick - Cohesive Storage
Make things look like they were meant to be together (or even one unit) by keeping things the same colour. Different shapes, even series look more cohesive by keeping them in the same hues. Add on as you need.

13. Trick - Make Ceilings Look Higher
Draw the eye up by hanging art up high above doors and shelving.  Just make sure there is something underneath, otherwise it will look super silly.

14. Find - A Nice Home Office Space
Just a nice space to work.

15. Find - Crates
These KNAGGLIG boxes in natural wood make for a great way to hold all kinds of stuff.

16.  Trick - Rug Gathering
Make a big rug out of small rugs by stitching them together.

17. Shower Storage
Create extra storage or a place to dry clothes by adding a shower curtain or two into the shower stall.

18.  Inspiration - Pink Tiles + Graffiti Bathroom
Love this pink tiled bathroom with lipstick graffiti!

19.  Inspiration - Plants Everywhere
Plants make a space happy.

20.  Kitchen Organizer
Stay organized making things also handy with this shelf and caddy bar. Hold things you use often, like utensils or pencils, crayons, and scissors for homework.

Click here to view the IKEA Catalog 2016 (US version).


3 Hotel Style | Maison Jalon

Located between fields on the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence, Maison Jalon mixes mid-century and Scandinavian influences into their hotel style.  A small Bed & Breakfast, with just four rooms to rent, the space is perfect for a quiet getaway, or rent out the entire property for a special occasion or wedding.  Rates includes a "petit dejeuner" (breakfast) which is served in the vintage 70s style dining and living room or on the terrace which overlooks a pool desert-style large garden. Check it out!

Maison Jalon
2575 Route de Puyricard
13540 Puyricard