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2 Field Trip | Finn Slough + Fall Colours

About five minutes from where we live here in Richmond (a suburb of Vancouver), one can be transported very easily from city life to country life.  We often take drives through the country roads south of us (especially in the autumn) when it's harvest time and we come searching for pumpkins and fresh corn.  It's like another world, and when we need a refresh, we'll take a detour through this picturesque valley. Not only are there farms, there are horse stables, huge, huge mansions with water fountains and long windy driveways and as you'll see here, something called Finn Slough.  A heritage community with Finnish roots found on the south arm of the Fraser River. In the 1890s a group of Finnish people bought land along the river and settled here.  If you'd like to read more about them, here is a small history of the area. There are people still living in these dwellings (which are mostly made of recycled wood and materials, made long before recycling ever was a thing); the area is eccentric and super interesting to see;  a great place for taking photo's or even painting; We like taking a stroll on the public walking trails nearby, where dogs can go off-leash.  It's also near Steveston village, a quaint fishing community right along the river which leads out into the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes we end up in Steveston and pick up some fresh fish and chips right on the fishermen's docks where it's served in rolled-up newspapers English-style.

As noted on the Finn Slough website, "the Slough is bounded on the Fraser River side by Gilmour Island and on the north by a dyke built to protect Richmond. Access to homes on the Gilmour Island side of the Slough is by a wooden draw-bridge, creating a definite sense of isolation from the nearby urban areas of Richmond and Vancouver." We took some pictures on a recent visit, although a grey day, still beautiful fall hues.  Let's take a look!

love that driftwood gate handle

To get the Finn Slough is fairly easy.  We access it by driving south on No. 4 Road crossing Steveston Highway and driving down a narrow windy road till you see Finn Road.  Turn left until you hit Dyke Road and where there is a "T" in the road.  The community lives both right and left of the "T" in the road.  Check out a few pictures of the farmland on the way there below.  We love the mountains in the background in the first shot and all the muted colours. This is how it looks most of the time here in the winter.  No snow much, just very overcast and lots of muted blues, greys, browns, greens, yellows and burgundy.

Farmers tending to the veggie fields - we love their Asian hats

Pumpkins are ready!

Everything is so green!
Here is a map if you ever are in the area and want to check this area out.  It's hard to believe the city is only five mintues away. We love it here.

Fall Colours Week!  Just a reminder, our 6th annual fall colours week is happening next week, starting Monday, October 12th on Instagram. Click here for all the details!


2 10 Decor Ideas You Can Do Right Now from the 2015 IKEA Holiday Collection

We don't usually post about Christmas things until after Halloween, but IKEA's new holiday collection has some items that are so versatile, some of them could be used right now to spiff up a space, especially with Canadian Thanksgiving (next week) or pick up and save before they're all gone! A few favorites:


0 Join us for our 6th Annual Fall Colours Week!

Join us for Fall Colours Week! The leaves are starting to change colour here in the west and we've noticed some beautiful colours also in some of our Eastern friend's instagrams; so we thought with the change of the season, it was a perfect time to host our 6th Annual Fall Colours Week (October 12th - October 16rd/15) - right in time for Canadian Thanksgiving! Like last year we'll be hosting it all on instagram.  If you would like to join in, use the tag #poppytalkfallcolours and this year we'll be posting a few of our faves from the feed on our instagram  alongside our blog.  Here's the colour line-up!

Oct. 12/14 - Monday - Green + Golden
Oct. 13/14 - Tuesday - Orange + Tangerine
Oct. 14/14 - Wednesday - Red + Burgundy
Oct. 15/14 - Thursday  - Aubergine/Eggplant + Browns
Oct. 16/14 - Friday  - Blue + Greys

Please note: Be sure to wait till 6pm Pacific time the night prior to start posting the next day's colour! (And please no product pictures).   Come join us, it'll be fun!!


0 DIY Halloween | 7 Foot Alien Costume

Building Frankenstein proved to be quite a project for the good Doctor. What with all the nuts and bolts, the finding of matching arms and legs, the bad toupee and not even talking about the size 54 shirt that was impossible to find in a decent pattern. It was enough to make any sane monster builder just give up and go and just cut holes in an old sheet and go with that. Well, if only Dr.Frankenstein could have had access to this quick Halloween DIY monster (well, ok - alien), then maybe he could have wrapped up early and actually made a few houses before they turned the lights out and pretended not to be home - seriously, we know you ran out of candy, quit with all the hiding stuff.

0 Etsy Pick of the Day | Woodncut

Love these wooden pendants, key chains and rings,  all decorated by hand by Woodncut from Italy. Each item is unique and looks super-fun to hold.  Check them out on their Etsy shop here.