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4 20 Cool Decorating Tricks + Finds from the 2016 IKEA Catalogue

With the new 2016 IKEA catalogue hot off the press, and as tradition holds, it's always fun to find what cool decorating tricks and ideas are hidden within their pages. It always takes a few flip-throughs to catch them all (little nuggets to be uncovered, stylist tricks and ideas to bookmark), here's some finds worth a mention.

1. Trick - Fabric Bed Canopy
Love this fabric idea to create a little cozy and private bedtime nook.  (Fabric - BERTA RUTA).

2. Trick - Adaptable Space
The sofa below becomes the bed (above) at night using adaptable, movable furnishings. (LYCKSELE LOVAS sofa bed).

3. Find - Curtain Rod Set
No trick here, just a cool curtain rod set find.  (SANNOLIKT curtain rod).

4. Trick - Noticeboard Gathering
Create one big notice board out of several small cork boards.  (VAGGIS noticeboard).

5. Double Up
Create a table out of stools by piling them up. (ALSEDA stool)

6. Trick - Create a Washi Tape Backsplash
A clever and low-cost way to personalize a space, using gold tape as a backsplash. We're thinking washi tape as a more temporary solution and not so scary on the paint. (SEKTION/HAGGEBY kitchen)

7. Trick - Kitchen Cabinet Becomes Storage Bench
Make a storage bench to create a cozy banquette in your dining area using kitchen cabinets and comfy cushions on top!

8. Trick - Make Plants Look Taller
Make plants look taller or create more privacy by raising plants on lower tables indoor or out.

9. Trick - Light Up
Put some light on the situation (your closet) to help the confusion of what's black and what's navy.

10. Trick - Open Up
Leave your closet doors open and put them to use to showcase your favorite things.

11. Trick - Make a Faux Closet
Not a new IKEA trick (we've reported this a few years back), but not with shelving in the mix.  Put up floor to ceiling curtains, install shelving and create one side of a room (or nook) into a closet.

12. Trick - Cohesive Storage
Make things look like they were meant to be together (or even one unit) by keeping things the same colour. Different shapes, even series look more cohesive by keeping them in the same hues. Add on as you need.

13. Trick - Make Ceilings Look Higher
Draw the eye up by hanging art up high above doors and shelving.  Just make sure there is something underneath, otherwise it will look super silly.

14. Find - A Nice Home Office Space
Just a nice space to work.

15. Find - Crates
These KNAGGLIG boxes in natural wood make for a great way to hold all kinds of stuff.

16.  Trick - Rug Gathering
Make a big rug out of small rugs by stitching them together.

17. Shower Storage
Create extra storage or a place to dry clothes by adding a shower curtain or two into the shower stall.

18.  Inspiration - Pink Tiles + Graffiti Bathroom
Love this pink tiled bathroom with lipstick graffiti!

19.  Inspiration - Plants Everywhere
Plants make a space happy.

20.  Kitchen Organizer
Stay organized making things also handy with this shelf and caddy bar. Hold things you use often, like utensils or pencils, crayons, and scissors for homework.

Click here to view the IKEA Catalog 2016 (US version).


3 Hotel Style | Maison Jalon

Located between fields on the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence, Maison Jalon mixes mid-century and Scandinavian influences into their hotel style.  A small Bed & Breakfast, with just four rooms to rent, the space is perfect for a quiet getaway, or rent out the entire property for a special occasion or wedding.  Rates includes a "petit dejeuner" (breakfast) which is served in the vintage 70s style dining and living room or on the terrace which overlooks a pool desert-style large garden. Check it out!

Maison Jalon
2575 Route de Puyricard
13540 Puyricard


3 Sneak Peek 2016 Ikea Catalogue | New Collections

Today we took a sneak peek at the new 2016 IKEA Catalogue which was just released along with a few new collections.  As usual, IKEA offers the content of the IKEA Catalogue in digital form which gives them the possibility to stretch the catalog content outside its pages. This year, there will be 50 plus films in addition to a number of image galleries and 360° views. They're also launching 'walk in the room', a new feature that lets the viewer feel like they’re actually in the room. The digital content can be accessed by scanning the printed catalogue with the catalogue app. Or at the digital catalogue on the web.

At a quick glance, a few highlights:

Starting off with the SINNERLIG collection (available October 2015), a collaboration between IKEA and Ilse Crawford, a well-known designer based in the UK. The collection which includes furniture in soft, natural cork and other tactile materials.

SINNERLIG bench - patricle board, cork and powder-coated steel
SINNERLIG table lamps
SINNERLIG series table top
SINNERLIG plant pot
SINNERLIG pendant lamps


IKEA adds a selection of stools to the RÅSKOG family (available now). A rustic design in blue or beige, and comes in two different heights. Use as a stool, or a small side table.


A modern white square-shaped sink
(Available August 2015)

RADVIKEN armchair

NORRÅKER series (available February 2016)

The NORRÅKER dining tables are built with sturdy design and made from FSC-approved solid birch, giving these tables a strong surface that wears beautifully over time.

NORRÅKER work bench
Available February 2016

Available February 2016

Available February 2016

Stay tuned for a few more sneak peeks. The new catalogue should be out in the next week or so for most and early August if you live in Canada.

6 Best of Recipes | Blackberry Coconut Popsicles w/Greek Yogurt

Bringing back another "Best Of" post today, this time Blackberry Coconut Popsicles with Greek Yogurt by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land . Originally posted last July, this recipe is right on track with all the blackberries starting to ripen here. Yum!


2 9 New IKEA Hacks + Ideas

People are getting really good and busy with IKEA hacks lately. It's a phenomenon practically.  Here's 9 new ones we've come across this week and bookmarked!

 1. Headboard DIY
by Livet Hemma
A piece of birch plywood leaning behind the bed also becomes a board for summer's sketches and watercolors. Also love the nesting Svalsta tables.

2. Washi Tape Clock
by Tell Love and Chocolate
A cute and fast project using washi tape and clocks from IKEA.

3. DIY Kitty Lamp FADO IKEA Hack
by Sirlig Herligheder
Super adorable light idea.

Via Ikea Hackers

4. DIY Memphis
by Livet Hemma
Inspired by 80's colors and the Memphis group, Livet Hemma paints PRIVACY cork coasters in the graphic pastels using tape to block off specific areas.

5. VITTSJO Gold and Marble Table
by The Sweetest Digs
Gold spray paint and marble contact paper add some chic to the VITTSJO table.

6. Lime Tiled VITTSJO
by Livet Hemma
The VITTSJÖ again, this time is updated with a new top—slices of lime-inspired tiles. A little difficult to see in these pictures - but look closely!

Livet Hemma

7. IVAR Shelf With Belt
by Nur Noch

Via Ikea Hackers

8.  Shelf Bracket Closet DIY
by Livet Hemma
Turn some shelf brackets literally upside down and let your clothes, shoes and jewelry become part of the decor. Perfect for a dorm space.

9. Homemade Pennants
by Livet Hemma
With colorful fabrics from IKEA in different patterns, a rope and adhesive tape or fabric glue you can easily create some really cool bunting for your party.

Livet Hemma