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2 DIY | Clay Eucalyptus Soap

Contributor post by Emily and Erick of HeidisBridge.com

Whether you're in need of a last minute-gift or just want to save money and DIY presents this year, this Clay Eucalyptus soap is a quick and thoughtful gift for the holidays. This soap feels luxurious with french green clay--the clay used at spas to draw impurities from pores--and a sudsy lather, but at a price that won't break the bank. Bonus: the eucalyptus scent will relieve stress and even help with congestion--perfect for soothing holiday-related stress and winter colds.

You Will Need:
-.5lb Goat Milk Soap Base
-1 tsp. French Green Clay Powder
-1 tsp. Melted Coconut Oil (Optional)
-Eucalyptus Essential Oil
-Pieces of Eucalyptus Leaves

1. Measure .5 lbs of goats milk soap base in a glass measuring cup. Microwave in 30 second intervals until the soap is all all melted.
2. Mix in 1 tsp. of melted coconut oil, if desired.

3. Add in a five drops of eucalyptus essential oil and mix.

4. Stir in 1 tsp. french green clay powder.
5. Add in tiny pieces of eucalyptus leaves for exfoliation.

6. Pour into your mold and let harden for an hour or so. Enjoy!

Heidi's Bridge


0 DIY 3D Geometric Paper Tree

Our ol' pal Meg Allan Cole is always up to some fun DIYs and today she sent along this cute little 3D Geometric Paper Tree she made on her Hand-Made channel for HGTV.   Maybe you can't get a tree this year because you're going out of town, or maybe you just want a modern take on some greenery this year.  Whatever the case, this project can be made big or small and turns out pretty sweet, (just like her dogs)

Check out her how-to video below:

2 Best of Holiday Baking | Pretzel Toffee Chocolate Bark!

Back in 2012, Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land made this recipe for Poppytalk during the holiday season.  It's a favorite of ours, and definitely worth being included in our Best of Holiday Baking series we're introducing this week! Check it out!

Gosh making bark is wonderfully easy. I love the look of it too - all avant-garde shards and shapes! Modern art for your mouth! Plus your ingredients can be anything you darn well feel like sprinkling in. I made two types of bark, dark chocolate with pretzel bits and toffee bits, and milk chocolate with pretzel bits and peanut butter chips. Honestly, the world is your oyster with chocolate bark mix-ins (although I wouldn't recommend seafood)! Go nuts (nuts are good). This bark is so great for holiday gifting, too - place some lovely pieces into a little bag, tape it up or tie it with a bow and voila, a delicious edible gift.

You will need a double boiler or a glass bowl set on top of a pot with low-boiling water to nicely melt your chocolate without charring it. I guess you could use your microwave too - sorry, I don't have one so I am not sure how you'd go about zapping chocolate but I bet it's only a google away! You will also need a parchment paper-covered large baking sheet.



4 cups of dark or milk chocolate (I used Lindt couverture chocolate, but any nice chocolate will work!)
1 cup of pretzel bits, crushed into pieces (I used my hands to crush them like a female wrestler)
1/4 cup (or more, to taste) of toffee bits (I used Hershey's Skor bits, which I believe is called Heath, in America)

Make it!

1. Melt the chocolate until smooth and beautiful.
2. Pour onto parchment papered large baking sheet. Spread with spatula to even it out on pan.
3. Sprinkle pretzels and toffee bits all over it!
4. Chill in the freezer for 30 minutes until set, or in the fridge for 1 hour.
5. Remove from freezer and chop with a knife or break up into pieces with clean hands!

Note: Keep pieces refrigerated until serving time. If giving as a gift, make sure to let the giftee know to keep the bark in the fridge!


1 Sneak Peek! Inside Out Magazine's January '15 Issue

Inside Out Magazine is unveiling their January '15 issue this Thursday and Managing Editor, Lee Tran Lam sent over one of her favorite features from it for us to preview.  As she explains:
I know no one enjoys "back to work" season (especially as it follows on from "holidays are over!" grief), but our stylist Jessica Hanson has created a shoot that actually might inspire you to smile at your office desk – or at least find some joy in getting organised for 2015! I love her inventive ways of making a study a place you'd want to spend hours in – I totally give her concept many gold stars and high distinctions. Also adding some fun to this story is all the giant stationery, crafted especially for the magazine by paper engineer Benja Harney, (paperform.wordpress.com).
Thanks Lee Tran! How fun!  We know we could use some freshening up ideas for the new year for our workspace, how about you? The January issue of Inside Out Magazine is out Thursday and is available at newsagents or digitally via Zinio, Google Play, iTunes & Nook.  All photos by Phu Tang.

Let's take a look!


4 25 Fresh Holiday Season Decor + Entertaining Ideas

We were reminded yesterday that Christmas is just two weeks away, which has us freaking out a bit.  Are you ready? Time is flying! We've been collecting some inspiration though, some fresh stuff that's been on our radar lately and maybe (hopefully) will make it's way into our home magically; from pretty wrap ideas to decorating interiors.  Check them out!


1. Black Vessels
Loving this black vessel housing the Scandinavian-style evergreen branch we've grown to love.  We usually see this look with a clear jug or vessel, so the black is a fresh take. Via Medan Harmoniaa.

2. Chalkboard Advent Candles
A cute way to celebrate advent —drawing them on a chalkboard.Via Vintage House

3. Evergreen Roots
Another evergreen tree with roots peaking through a modern vase. Photo Livet Hemma via La Maison d'Anna G.

4. Put a cloche on it. 
This pine branch looks rather festive under a cloche.  From An-Magritt.

5. Upside Down Vases
No cloche? Try upside down vases. A nice tablescape idea.  By Jonas Bjerre-Poulson via Bobedre.dk Photo: Kristian Septimus Krogh.

6. Make a gift tree! 
No tree this year? This gift tree totally makes up for it. Photo: House Doctor via Marrianne Debourg

7. Make an Entrance
Create a warm and inviting entryway for holiday guests. Via Vintage House

8. Go Dramatic
A dark tree is refreshing and dramatic. From Daniella Witte.

9.  A Whimsical Tablescape
The bristle brush trees make this table special.  By Coco & Kelley.


10. Make a Christmas Pinata
We say, why not?  Christmas Pinatas seem fun! From Inattendu


11. Make a Gingerbread Garland
Decorate a tree, decorate a mantle.  A clever idea from Hello Wonderful

12. Mini Pinatas!
Silver and gold star pinatas would brighten up a space. From Oh Happy Day

13.  A Foraged Tree Star
A God's eye doubles as a tree star. From Gardenista.

14. Paper Ball Ornament
A fun paper tree ornament to make.  From A Beautiful Mess

15. Sequin Letter DIY
A glittery banner from A Beautiful Mess


16. Go Pink and Gold
Cute wrapping —a pinata-inspired gift wrap idea with a gold painted pasta bow from the November 2014 issue of Ideas Magazine.

17. Geometric
Ashley Goldberg started a personal project on her instagram this month where everyday until Christmas she will be sharing a creatively wrapped gift. All the how-to's and sources where she got everything is with each image on her instagram. We asked her if we could share a couple of them for this post - her ideas are so creative, fresh and unique!  Visit her instagram for details!

18. Paint a Muslin Bag
Get the how-to at instagram.com/ashleygoldberg


19. Pinks and Metallics
Get the how-to and sources at instagram.com/ashleygoldberg


20. Tissue Paper Flower Wrap
Get the how-to and sources at instagram.com/ashleygoldberg


21. Pink Swirl Meringues with Pomegranite Syrup
These look so good! From Drizzle & Drip

22. Christimas Cupcake Wreath
How cool is this? Impress guests with this cupcake display by Cakegirls for The Cake Blog


23.  Gingerbread Mittens
Swedish-style from Fine Little Day

24.  Cranberry Swirl Bread
The perfect Christmas morning snack while opening those presents! From Stier Aesthetic.

24. Easy Gingerbread Latte
from Call Me Cupcake