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0 10 Awesome IKEA Hacks by IKEA

1. DIY Built-In Shelf
Transform a doorway ino a built-in shelf with the help of RIBBA picture ledges. More info here.

2. Customize a Terracotta Planter
An easy summer DIY that dries quickly in the sun. Shown here INGEFARA. Click here to see more.

3. DIY Marbling
With just a few strokes, givethe KNUFF magazine file a marbling look. Get the instructions here.

4. Macrame Hanging Planters
A nice macrame hanger DIY using ASKER storage jars.  Click here for more info.

5. Art for Your Walls
Make your own personal message posters framed in RIBBA frames; letters become decorative shapes when enlarged. More info here.

6. DIY Pillow With Tassels
Inspired by the fashion of spring where the fringes hanging from long jackets and bags , IKEA makes a simple DIY with colorful tassels on pillows made from their textile department . Click here for instructions.

7. Faux Marble Top Desk
Another example of marble-style contact paper, this time to decorate a desk! Click here for more.

8. DIY Wood Burned Utensils
Wood burning with style. Love these wood burned kitchen utensils. Click here for more info.

9. A Wardrobe Hack
The BIRKELAND wardrobe gets customized with a little colour! Click here for more.

10. A Forest Dinner
Not really a hack but quite the set up! Love this forest dinner setting. Click here for more info.


3 Sneak Peek | Inside Out Magazine - June

Photography by Morten Holtum

We're excited to share a sneak peek of the latest issue of Inside Out Magazine out this Thursday.  Managing Editor, Lee Tran Lam explains some of the highlights of June's magazine"

"One of my favourite homes in our new issue is unlike anything else I've come across in the many years of working on the mag (above and below). It's a Paris apartment belonging to architect Gregoire de Laforrest and wife Stephanie, an interior architect. The living area actually has a tree (!) sprouting from it. Even though it looks incredibly real, it's made by a friend of theirs who creates artificial trees for public spaces, such as airports. There's also a greenhouse that contains the kitchen, rooms that have been built to look like individual houses and an entryway that resembles a street setting. It's like a town that's been unfolded inside an apartment. Incredible! Photography by Morten Holtum."

Photography by Morten Holtum
 "Another home to envy belongs to photographer Harold David. He actually first had his heart set on it 10 years ago. "No-one ever seemed to be there, and I would literally sneak up, look in the windows and say to myself, 'I want this house.'" Luckily, he came across it again by chance while browsing real estate websites online and – even though he had no plans to move at that point – this Blue Mountains cabin had a strong claim on his heart that he eventually moved his family there. Styling by Lara Hutton. Photography by Harold David."

Styling by Lara Hutton. Photography by Harold David

Styling by Lara Hutton. Photography by Harold David
"So getting sorted may seem like a dull "no, thanks!" chore, but our stylist Jessica Hanson also shows us the bright side of ensuring your office is in order. Photography by Craig Wall."

"We also offer an alternative to tripping over those growing stacks of things around your house – with a 'Best Buys' on magazine storage and a big feature on arranging your belongings at home (using everything from copper piping to leather ladders to organise your space). Styling by Jessica Hanson. Photography by Craig Wall."

Styling by Jessica Hanson. Photography by Craig Wall
 Thank you Lee Tran! The June issue of Inside Out Magazine is out this Thursday and is available at newsagents or digitally via Zinio, Google Play, iTunes & Nook.

0 New Cards from Anemone Letterpress

Another stationery brand we missed in our National Stationery Show posts last week is Anemone Letterpress!  Their cards are always so colourful and fun!  We love the inspiration behind their wild monster cards (as explained in one of their instagram posts last week). Casa del Terror!  See more below:

And also going foil check out these in silver!

Visit Anemone Letterpress at anemoneletterpress.com.

0 New Gold + Copper Foil Cards from Sycamore Street Press

After our whirlwind round up of new cards we loved at the National Stationery Show last week, we noticed a few favorite designers were missed. Sycamore Street Press come to mind who have a beautiful new collection featuring their signature gold and (and now copper) foil designs in an array of wildlife and hand lettered sentiments.  Check them out!

See heaps more at Sycamore Street Press!


3 Weekend Projects | 20 Gorgeous DIYs to Try

Hi friends! A round-up of 20 gorgeous weekend projects up on the blog today!!! Happy Friday! Check them all out after the jump!