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0 Vancouver Happenings | Niche Co Lab's Pop-Up Shop

Pillows - Heather Ross (natural eclectic} | Photo: Heather Ross

Niche Co Lab’s very first Pop Up Shop - The Vanglo Edition is happening this weekend here in Vancouver if you're a fan of design and architecture. Folks will be able to shop from 25 plus local artisans while enjoying the stunning architecture of this urban residential sculpture. Location: 135 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver BC.

View the exciting Vanglo House and it's fantastic collaborators who have provided incredible local furniture, art + wares displayed in situ throughout the home. Chinatown Experiment will be featuring food from the Parker as well as drinks from beer + wine from Kronenbourg and Joie Farms at the opening party.

August 22 Friday 7pm _10pm (invite only, please register with Niche Co Lab)
August 23 Saturday 10am - 6pm (open to the public)
August 24 Sunday 10am - 5pm (open to the public)

Barter Collective | Furniture Throughout: Gather - Western Red Cedar Blocks
Burritt Bros + Zoë Pawlak | Area Rugs: "Anchor Holding' Custom 8' x 10' Wool
Heather Ross {Natural Eclectic} | Art Work Throughout,  Wool Cushions in Master Bedroom, Accessories
Hendrik Lou | Accessories: Oversized Hand Dyed Alpaca Wool Knitted Throws
Jennifer Kostuik Gallery | Art Work: Original by David Burdeny
Kate Duncan | Furniture: Queen Bedframe & Bedside Tables in Master Bedroom + Desk & Bench in Office
Landon Dix | Accessories: Hand woven Baskets & Hand Carved Solid Wood Shaving kit
Italinteriors | Furniture: Living Room - Molteni & C | Sofa + Dining Room - Alias Chairs
Inform Interiors | Bensen Bed in Garden Suite Bedroom
MTH Woodworks | Furniture & Art Work: Entry Wall Hanging + Kid's Side table
Nineteen Ten Home | Accessories: Bedrooms + Living Room + Kitchen
Provide Home | Accessories: Kitchen + Bathrooms
Salari Fine Carpet Collections | Area Rugs: Master Bedroom + Garden Suite Bedroom
Solus Decor | Furniture: Fire pit on Rooftop Deck
Spencer Interiors | Furniture: Floor Lamp (Garden Suite)
The Cross Décor and Design | Accessories & Area Rug in Kid's Bedroom + Gold Cutlery in Dining Room
The Flower Factory | Accessories: Glass vases & greenery
The Mill | Furniture & Accessories: Kitchen + Office
The Soap Dispensary | Accessories: Bathrooms + Kitchen
Union Wood Co. | Furniture: Office Chair
Vancouver Special | Furniture & Accessories: Throughout
Walrus | Accessories: Kid's Bedroom + Kitchen
Winsor Gallery | Original Art Work: Throughout
Woodlot | Hand Made Coconut Wax Candles: Office

0 Glue Guns + Cupcakes | Paper Flower Workshop (Round 2)

We held our second Paper Flower Workshop with Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built last night and as you can see from the photo's it was a full house, and the enthusiasm was infectious!  Loved seeing all those smiling faces and we had some very special guests and treats! Check out some pics we took near the end of the evening:

Tamara Taggart and Shannon Oksanen

Tina Dhillon and friend

Erin Boniferro of Collage Collage

Karin Hers-Sschaffner of Botanica Design and Wendie van der Woerd

Joyelle Komierowski (right) and friend with Brittany Jepsen (middle)

A pretty pink flower by Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp
Treats from Butter Baked Goods
Pretty Cards courtesy of Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built

If you're interested in attending one of our workshops at our new Poppytalk space in Vancouver (109 East Broadway), stay tuned to our blog or check out our workshop section of our online shop here. (There's still a few spots for our 2nd Calligraphy class on September 17th - click here for more info.

~Jan and Earl


1 DIY Campfire Cooking Station

Contributor post by Emily + Erick of Hello Home Shoppe

As summer winds down and our thoughts turn to fall, we can't seem to let go of the idea of cooking over an open flame. Even when our grille is safely packed away in the coming months, we'll still trudge outside with a thermos full of hot coffee and settle in for a night of fireside cooking. The only problem is that without a proper campfire cooking set up, you're pretty limited in your culinary options beyond marshmallows and hotdogs on sticks. Lately, we've been dreaming of cooking cowboy style: baking bread in a Dutch oven or simmering a pot of hearty stew over an open flame. Cue this DIY Campfire Cooking Station. We love this DIY because it's totally customizable for whatever you're cooking--as long as it has handles, you can hang it from the s-hooks. Dinner just got more fun!

Things You'll Need
-Three Pieces of 4' Rebar 
-11' of Thin Chain
-Small U-Bolt Clamp
-Two S-Hooks
-Pot w/Two Side Handles 

1.) Position the tops of the poles so that they are splayed out with the tops touching as if forming a tripod. Position over an unlit fire. 
2.) Unscrew the u-bar clamp and place the clamp over the top of the three pieces of rebar. Secure them in place by tightening the screw.
3.) Take one end of the chain and loop the first link with the s-hook.
4.) Loop the other end of the s-hook through the handle of the pot so that the s-hook is linking the chain and the pot. To do this, chain must be held very taught. 
5.) Repeat on the other side so that both handles of the pot are connected to an s-hook.Gather up the slack in the middle and position the pot in the middle of the poles
6.) Wrap the excess chain around the top of the pole "tripod."
7.) Light fire and enjoy!

Meet the Contributors
Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg are blogging duo behind Hello Home Shoppe, a lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY projects, recipes, and travel. When they're not blogging or working as 2/4 of the creative agency Jolly Bureau, they moonlight as locally sourced sandwich vendors in Philadelphia, PA.

1 Paper Flower Workshop (Round 1) with Brittany Jepsen

Wednesday we had so much fun at our Paper Flower Workshop with Brittany Jepsen of House that Lars Built.  (Above) Taryn of The Flower Factory made the most amazing wreath (his colour choices and skills knocked our socks off)!  Can't wait for Round 2 tomorrow! There still might be a spot or two last we checked if anyone's interested. Sign up here.

Here's a few pics from the workshop!

Related: Brittany was telling us about her new online DIY Blogger Handbook class that just launched today on atly that sounds like the perfect class for those interested in elevating their skills in the DIY online world. The class shows people how to create a good quality DIY blog post from beginning to end. She tells us, her hope with the class is to provide a resource for people to help elevate the quality of their work.  More info can be found at atly.com.


0 Sneak Peek | September's Inside Out Magazine

Styling by Julia Green, Poppies For Grace, Rachel Hoyne, and photography by Armelle Habib.

A nice segway from our colours week, comes this mini preview of Inside Out Magazine's September issue.  Just entering their spring season they have a pretty outdoor party staged by the clever and crafty people behind Poppies For Grace homewares and stationery. As Managing Editor, Lee Tran Lam mentions, "How cool is the 'four' birthday cake and the smart little trick of looping kids' names around party horns as placeholders?" Styling by Julia Green, Poppies For Grace, Rachel Hoyne, and photography by Armelle Habib.
Styling by Julia Green, Poppies For Grace, Rachel Hoyne, and photography by Armelle Habib.

Styling by Julia Green, Poppies For Grace, Rachel Hoyne, and photography by Armelle Habib.
Just below and on this months' cover, Lee Tran tells us, "The couple who own the home on our cover also took an unconventional approach to their residence – they basically got the renovation going via Skype, calling Melbourne architect Clare Cousins from their base in the Middle East, as they got the project ready for their return to Australia! All that foreign correspondence worked out well, as you can see from the feature! Styling by Marsha Golemac. Photography by Brooke Holm."

Styling by Marsha Golemac. Photography by Brooke Holm
Also fun is this kitchen (below), which belongs to fashion designer Vanessa Kortlang. "We love that she's placed wallpaper on the ceiling, of all places", says Lam. Styling by Julia Green and Aimee Tarulli, photography by Armelle Habib.
Styling by Julia Green and Aimee Tarulli, photography by Armelle Habib
And on the topic of international elements, Inside Out features the Danish apartment of Mia-Louise Mallund Smith (the illustrator behind Missemai). Lee Tran mentions, "Her approach to small-space living is inspired. I should probably admit that I am an apartment person. I actually like hearing my neighbour's music or them rummaging around. The cosy feeling that I get by having people around me is hugely reassuring." Story and styling by Marie Graunbol. Photography by Martin Solyst/Living Inside.

Story and styling by Marie Graunbol. Photography by Martin Solyst/Living Inside.
There's also a Best Buys story on vases and vessels, with best picks to show off your flowers once you've unwrapped the bouquet you've brought home.  Styling by Jessica Hanson. Photography by Amanda Prior. 

Styling by Jessica Hanson. Photography by Amanda Prior.
The September issue of Inside Out Magazine is out Thursday and is available at newsagents or digitally via Zinio, Google Play, iTunes & Nook.