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0 Etsy Pick of the Day | Woodncut

Love these wooden pendants, key chains and rings,  all decorated by hand by Woodncut from Italy. Each item is unique and looks super-fun to hold.  Check them out on their Etsy shop here.

2 The Adaptable Monstera

Photo:  Poppytalk
In July we picked up this Monstera leaf (above) at a local florist (hello The Flower Factory)! We dropped it into some water only expecting it to live a week or so.  Here we are now in October and this leaf is still thriving and isn't giving us any sign it's going anywhere soon.  Needless to say, we're super-impressed! Totally worth the extra bit we paid for it and makes us even more a fan.  The Monstera, popular these past couple of years, is one of those plants that seems so adaptable, doesn't it? Whether it's in a modern space or bridal setting, the plant's large leaf adds a graphical punch and updates a space instantly. Now thinking of getting a full version, we set off for some inspiration.

(Below) A nice version 70s style mixed with dark woods and leather. Photography by Per Jansson via We Are Scout.

(Below) We love this Garmi Monstera print from Norsu Interiors. Such a simple illustration with so much impact. Styling: Julia Green & Jacqui Moore (Greenhouse Interiors); Photography: Lisa Cohen Photography

Styling: Julia Green & Jacqui Moore (Greenhouse Interiors); Photography: Lisa Cohen Photography
(Below) A very moody vignette with a Monstera stem from Livet Hemma. This time mixed with a shamrock and a fig plant.

Livet Hemma

(Below) This image from Etsy shop, Lovely Posters is another great example of how the Monstera leaf has high impact in a gallery setting. See more of the print here.

(Below) This is such a beautiful floral arrangement (the orchids and monstera), perfect for a tropical-inspired wedding. Floral Design | Stem Events and Photography | Lexia Frank Photography.

(Below) Perhaps one of the first rooms we noticed a monstera in these past couple of years. An eclectic corner from the home of David Delfin and Gorka Postigo.  Photos via Home Edit.

Growing wild. Via RedMilk Interiors. Photo | Valentina Sommariva.

Scandinavian-style. Photo by Rikka Kantinkoski.

What's your favorite plant these days?


5 Etsy Pick of the Day | Pidge Pidge

Just when you thought we've seen every possible tapestry/weave/wall hanging there is. This. Teeny tiny wall tapestries (gift toppers, dollhouse decor, tree ornaments)? By Pidge Pidge (thanks for adding these to the #poppytalketsypickoftheday) ! Dying over here. See more at their Etsy shop HERE.


3 8 Rad Weekend Projects to Try

Yay it's the friday and we hope you had a really good week! Can you believe it is now October? September flew right by and now the leaves are starting to change. We are planning a fall colors week on instagram which we hope to announce very soon. This week we came across some rad weekend projects that we bookmarked and as tradition has it, we like to share.  Here's 8 worth checking out!

1. Shag Rug Tutorial
by Lindsey Crafter

2. Copper Edged Mirror
by A Bubbly Life

3. Agate Slice Mobile
by Adorablest

 4.  Copper Candleabra
by Well Made Heart

5. Marble Surface Clipboard
by Ludorn

6. Brush Lettering Using Different Media
(Watercolour, Gouache and Sumi Ink)
by Jo of Zuer Designs for Surely Simple

7. Floral Fall Pumpkin
by Lindsey Crafter

8. Cacti Art
by We Are Scout


0 Dispatch from Sweden | Piet Hein Eek to design for IKEA

Exciting news out of Almhult, Sweden (IKEA's headquarters), Dutch designer, Piet Hein Eek (known for his scrap wood cupboard) is to design for IKEA.  A limited line entitled JASSA will be out in the spring of 2017.  No word on what it will be, but stay tuned! Photos | IKEA.