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1 Summary | Monday's Fall Colours

 A few "golden" highlights from today's #poppytalkfallcolours week on instagram!

Row 1: @hellolidy, @hellolidy, @hellolidy
Row 2: @girlsavage, @larksnest, @sarah_elizabth
Row 3: @bigg_tara, @juniperdisco @marionyamok



See you tomorrow for reds!

22 DIY + Book Giveaway | Wood Veneer Bow Gift Topper from Pretty Packages

A DIY excerpt from the new book Pretty Packages by Sally Shim 

Today we're thrilled to be showcasing a DIY from Sally Shim's new book,  Pretty Packages from Chronicle Books.  We are also giving away two books to two lucky readers.  Just leave a comment in the comments section at this post or on our post on instagram and we will pick two winners Wednesday morning.  Good luck and check out this cool wood veneer project from the book!

Wood veneer is a fun material to work with and provides texture and visual interest to any gift. You can find wood veneer at woodworking suppliers or at some paper stores. To bend the wood veneer without cracking it, you can either use steam or place it in water. The wood veneer bow takes a bit of time to make because of the drying time, but it is worth the effort. You can make several wood bows at one time and store them for future gift-wrapping projects.
Makes 1 bow

Two pieces of wood veneer; one 1 by 6 in/2.5 by 15 cm, one ½ by 2 in/12 mm by 5 cm
Wood glue
Wrapped gift

Bowl of hot water

Bright Ideas
Use wool felt instead of wood veneer to make a bow. After you make your bow, use a paint pen to write a message on the wood veneer.

How To
1 Place the two wood veneer pieces in the bowl of hot water. Let them soak for 2 to 3 minutes. Use the towel to pat them dry. Bend the ends of the larger wood piece under to form the main bow shape, so that the ends meet in the middle of the bow.
2 Bend the smaller piece of wood veneer so that it wraps around the larger wood piece and overlaps the middle of the bow.
3 Use the clothespin to hold the wood veneer pieces in this shape. Let the wooden bow dry for 24 hours.
4 Remove the clothespins and place a dab of wood glue on the inside of the bow to reinforce it. Put a dab of wood glue on the smaller piece of wood veneer to secure where it overlaps the bow. Put clothespins on the wooden bow again to hold it in place. Let the glue dry for 24 hours.
5 Remove the clothespins and attach the wood veneer bow topper to your wrapped gift using wood glue. Let dry for 1 hour.

Background information on Sally's book in her own words:

As a designer and mother of two boys I am always seeking creative inspiration in my everyday life. And as a long-time lover of pretty packaging, I was inspired to write a book about simple yet thoughtful gift-wrapping. Since giving gifts is a part of our everyday life, the inspiration for Pretty Packages was to foster creativity through gift-wrapping. The book gives the reader the creative inspiration to package gifts with a personal touch by teaching the techniques to make handmade gift-wrap, gift tags, toppers, and more.

Pretty Packages contains 45 step-by-step gift-wrapping and packaging projects perfect for beginner and advanced crafters. The book walks you through how to turn a simple package into a creative and personalized gift that the recipient will be excited to receive. The projects in the book will not only inspire you to create pretty packages for gift giving, but will also give you ideas about packaging party and wedding favors as well as branding for your business.

Pretty Packages is divided into three sections: 1) Wrapping Paper, 2) Gift Boxes, Bags, & Toppers and 3) Gift Tags & Ribbon. The book also covers essential materials and tools needed to create your own pretty packages as well as various gift-wrapping and ribbon tying techniques. Each project includes two “bright ideas”-- variations to further customize your package.

You can find more information about the book and the range of projects here.

1 It's Fall Colours Week! Monday Golden


Today we kick off our 5th Annual Fall Colours Week (September 29th - October 03rd/14) starting with Monday's "golden" hues. Loving larksnest photo (above) already uploaded to the feed! We can't wait to see what everyone uploads! If you haven't joined our colours week before, the rules are simple: Upload the colour of the day (schedule below) to instagram using the hashtag #poppytalkfallcolours.

We'll be posting a few of our faves from the feed on our instagram (instagram.com/poppytalk) alongside our blog. Here's the colour line-up!

Sep. 29/14 - Monday - Golden
Sep. 30/14 - Tuesday - Red
Oct. 01/14 - Wednesday - Brown
Oct. 02/14 - Thursday - Grey
Oct. 03/14 - Friday - Blue

Please note: Be sure to wait till 6pm Pacific time the night prior to start posting the next day's colour! (And please no product pictures). Come join us, it'll be fun!!


0 Highlights from IDSwest

Hinterland Design (photo by roberutsu).

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend at IDSwest, but we managed to take a few snaps and scout out others of some of the exhibitors that caught our eye. With just one day left (Sunday Sep. 28) the show is a definite must-see if you are in the market for something for your home.  Let's take a quick look!

Above: Loved this pendant light by Hinterland Design (photo by roberutsu). Below: Ottoman also by  Hinterland Design which is woven by hand and inspired by crab nets.

Hinterland Design - Photo by Dahlhausart
Loved this chair in the beautifully decorated Gray Magazine Conversation stage. Also loved the Eskayel pillows!

Another highlight was Cathy Terepocki and Dear Pony's airstream parked in the District (Poppytalk Curated).  Such a perfect way to display your work.

Dear Human had a beautiful display of their tiles in the Prototype section.

Char Kennedy is an Industrial Designer based in Vancouver B.C. Her work is comprised of furniture and products that explore materiality and form through an experimental and human centred approach.

An interesting chair from Carlos Angel , a Vancouver-based designer.

Heather of Dahlhaus had a really nice booth for her ceramics using handmade wooden containers she picked up in the interior this year.

Loved these gigantic knitted scarves and blankets from Natural Wool Knits.

Montauk's display is always a showstopper!  Their plaid sofa was surrounded in a plaid floor and wall to match!

Revolution Design made the trek from Portland bringing not only their coveted Boxcar wooden planters, but their newest line, the Madison Candle.

Falken Reynolds' Shed lounge was pretty amazing, a collaboration with Caesarstone and Lukas Peet.

Lighting by Lukas Peet for Falken Reynolds' Shed

Caesarstone for Falken Reynolds' Shed
IDSwest continues through till Sunday at 5pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.  For more information visit www.idswest.com.


0 IDSwest 14 Sneak Peek

We managed to snap a few shots from before and after last nite's opening at IDSwest and thought we'd share a little of them today.  (Above): Taking the escalator down to the show is always so impressive.   The show which officially started today for Trade only will open it's doors to the public tonight at 4pm.  The show looks super-impressive and stay tuned for more pics over the weekend here and on our instagram here.  Also note: IDSwest will be celebrating its 10th year this year and runs September 25 - 28/14 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.  For more information visit www.idswest.com.

Note:  Our brick and mortar shop will be closed this weekend as we'll be at IDSwest.  Hope to see you there!

(Above): Loved this installation by Barter Design. Such beautiful pieces using marble and wood. 

A rather adorable little ATM machine drove in while we were loading up.  

Cathy Terepocki and Dear Pony setting up their airstream in The District.

Party-goers checking out the Poppytalk booth at The District

 More Barter Design in the foyer

The sky above the Vancouver Convention Centre yesterday afternoon.