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0 Behind the Scenes at Six Cent Press

It’s no secret that the Poppytalk team is fascinated by how things are made -- we’re big believers that baking a cake can be just as much fun as eating it. There’s something about pulling back the curtain to see magic in the making that truly excites us. That’s why DIY projects and recipes are our bread and butter. And that’s also why we’re hitting repeat on this new behind-the-scenes video from Six Cent Press.

A proudly Canadian button-making company, Six Cent Press is a homegrown business after our own hearts. Churning out seemingly endless numbers of custom buttons for customers around the country (over 4 million in 2015 alone!), Six Cent Press has spent the last 13+ years perfecting their craft. The result? A process that is as captivating as the final product.

Check out the clip -- shot at SCP headquarters by fellow Canadians, Giant Ant -- and prepare to grin as wide as the video’s smiley star.

Six Cent Press // Sunshine from Six Cent Press on Vimeo.

To learn more about Six Cent Press, visit http://bit.ly/SixCentPress.

This post is sponsored by Six Cent Press. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Poppytalk.


2 5 Minute DIY | Wooden Dowel Paper Towel Holder

I guess it would be nice to always have a clear counter top, but because of our small space living, busy life, a clear counter top is not always possible nor practical. We've been tucking our paper towels into drawers, or on a shelf, in the pantry, and it's always so inconvenient when you really need one. Where are those paper towels? So we caved and created this little project. So simple to make too!

What you'll need:
1" diameter wooden dowel (13 " long)
4" diameter wooden round plaque
1" copper end cap
glue gun
saw (to cut dowel) or get pre cut at hardware store
brass coloured spray paint (optional)

Step 1
Measure and saw the dowel if you need to, or have them saw it at the hardware store to 13" long. Make sure to cut at a perfect straight angle so that it won't wobble when you put it together.   Earl's Pro tip:  Use a miter to ensure a straight cut.

Step 2
Using a glue gun, glue one of the ends of the cut dowel. Adhere it to the round plaque and hold until secure.  Let dry (about 2-3 minutes). 

Step 3
If you like the copper you can skip this step.  If you wish to change the copper to a different colour - like us - we're really liking brass right now, spray paint with your favourite colour. Earl's Pro tip: When spray painting metal, be sure to do a light spray to cover evenly.

Step 4
Place the copper end cap on top of the dowel.  And that's it!  Super easy!

3 Cool Threads by Bekka Palmer

Loving these hand-sewn, super-hip (made in Brooklyn) rope necklaces and thread on film series by Bekka Palmer. Each necklace hangs about nine inches and comes in neon pink and navy or grey blue. The thread on film series is from Bekka's "100 days of thread and film project" where she hand embroidered onto each image photo. Both collections have summer written all over them and has us longing for the beach.  Visit her online shop at shop.bekkapalmer.com.


7 Green Thumb Meets Concrete Jungle | New Summer Pots from IKEA

Earlier this week we noticed our neighbor's camellias blooming which has us so looking forward to the season ahead!  The days are a little longer too as we dream of nights out on the patio and flowers blooming everywhere.  Spring is definitely a favourite time of year. With all this anticipation, we are looking forward to planting fresh herbs and flowers out back and so when we saw this sneak peek from IKEA's summer 2016 collection (out in March) we had to share. (Above) The SALLADSK√Ö outdoor plant stand ladder. A nice vertical piece for holding herbs and smaller pots. Made of galvanized steel and plastic and designed by Carl Hagerling. $59.99 CAD. (Below) Also very handy is the JORDGUBBE plant pot, (stackable) and great for in or outdoor use. Designed by Jon Karlsson. $9.99/each. Loving it for succulents. By the way, I love it that IKEA always credit's each designer don't you?  We love following their instagram accounts too!  (Maybe we'll do a post on that soon!)


2 Ice Cream Bar | Baked Alaska Ice Cream Cones for Two

As a young child I was always awe-inspired with my Aunt Vi's Baked Alaska.  This was in the day before chef's torches were a common household tool and she somehow managed to pull it off using the broiler in her oven. It was always exciting to see it arrive at the table, and even more fun to devour!

I've always wanted to attempt such a feat, but have always been terrified of the larger version.  But making smaller individual ones is so less daunting, in fact, quite fun. So I thought it would be fun to make an ice cream cone version.  Makes for a fun and special treat for Valentine's Day!