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4 Celebrating 10 Years with an Online Magazine

To celebrate 10 years online and to thank our readers, we created a summer online magazine just launched today!  Honoured to have Lynne Knowlton's amazing treehouse located in Durham, Ontario on the cover (which incidentally, you can rent), along with an adorable small space patio from Alison Mazurek of 600sqft and a Baby,  a late summer party from Lily Ellis of Spruce Collective, photographed by Janis Nicolay, some beautiful sketchbook art from Carrie Shyrock of 1canoe2, cool weaving out of the UK by Shaun West, paper flower DIY by Kate Alarcon of The Cobra Lily and the most amazing pie recipe you'll ever get your hands on by the talented Tina Lau of Tarte Populaire.  Click below, or if that doesn't work, click here!

1 Happy August + Desktop Calendar

We're back from a lovely long weekend, and just like the good ol' days were happy to find in our inbox today that one of our favourite illustrators, Christiane Engel is making her desktop calendars once again.  Love this one for August.  Click HERE for the link!  Happy August!


3 Sean Knibb Negril Chairs at Poketo

Fun to find out the chairs we coveted in our Hotel Style post on the Line Hotel in LA's Koreatown are now for sale online and in store at Poketo in L.A. The Los Angeles-based designer, Sean Knibb combines modern furniture design with traditional woven art elements in his Negril Chair. The chrome-framed chairs are covered in traditional Mexican fabrics. The blue and brown chairs are covered in serape— a tight-knit, blanket-like shawl and the grey and purple chairs are covered in falsa, a blanket made in a heavier weight yarn.

More info at Poketo.

Image from Line Hotel

0 Thank you to our August Sponsors


6 8 Summery DIYs to Try This Weekend!

 It's a long weekend here in B.C. and what a beautiful one it looks like it's going to be! Perfect for making something outside on the deck! Here's a few outstanding  ideas we found this week!   We'll be taking Monday off here, but will be back Tuesday with a project we've been working on all month to celebrate our 10 years!  Can't wait to share it with you! It's a gift to you our readers! Happy Friday!

1. DIY Straw Hat Wall Clock
by Monsters Circus
So summery!

2. Wood Cake Stand 
by Almost Perfect
Such a great idea!

3. DIY Cedar Bath Mat
by The Merrythought
Perfect for an outdoor shower too!

4. DIY Easy Wood Frame
by The Merrythought
How simple is this?

5. DIY Wall Art Block Prints
via Remodelista
Loving black and white block prints right now!

6. DIY Rope Bag
by HonestlyWTF
So pretty - sew yourself this!

7. Woven Wall Hanging
by For the Makers
Perhaps one of the better tutorials on weaving we've seen online.

And after all that making, must try this!

8. New Mexico PiƱon Coffee, iced.
by Door Sixteen