blue on concrete

blue on concrete, originally uploaded by wacky doodler.

according to wacky doodler who took this photo, "a certain shade of blue is taking over toronto in a quiet revolution. it's everywhere, in the smallest cracks and upon the most minute surfaces of the city... it makes one appreciate the mundane everyday." how brilliant! LOVE this!

Jan Halvarson


meridith said...

i LOVE those words and i love love this pic

Jon said...

blue and mundane are right up my alley!- thanks for sharing!!

maditi said...

the blue and the different shades of grey, so very beautiful!!

poppy said...

hey meredith - great combination isn't it.
jon - i'm so glad i found it to share!
maditi - i know, i wouldn't have thought it would, but.

andrea said...

yes! I love hearing about things like this... it makes everyday life extraordinary. it's all about seeing the art in the everyday.

love this shot!

poppy said...

andrea - you know it!