sabine brandt limited edition prints

i personally invited one of my favorite graphic designers, denmark's sabine brandt of sisterbrandt to submit one of her beautiful christmas cards for my showcase this year, and through a couple of emails the cards became limited editions and then eventually prints.

i am pleased and also thrilled to showcase these illustrations exclusively for our holiday card showcase (each come in limited edition of 25 for each motif)! digitally printed on 150 g matte paper. 15cm x 15 cm (5-7/8" x 5-7/8").

one illustration piece is $ 25 (USD) including shipping international. if you are interested in purchasing one of these beautiful prints you can email sabine at: sabine at sisterbrandt dot dk ( (see below to see the other prints). hurry while they last!

Jan Halvarson


A Little Hut said...

They're gorgeous!

lisa s said...

gorgeous indeed!

ashb said...

wow! these are gorgeous!!

kstyle said...

These are gogoeus. k

modmom said...

i too think they're gorgeous!