1. ray fenwick and an article by lab-zine
2. my starbuck shirt - create your own and download the image (via ljcfyi)
3. hand-lettering poster at dkim's etsy shop
4. letterpeg - handpainted lettering in the city of winnipeg

see more hand lettering at the flickr's hand-lettering pool and folk typography and fly blog.

and hand-lettering fonts here, here and here.

Jan Halvarson


michelle said...

Oh, thanks, I love hand lettering, really found typography of any kind, I love the top image, yummy.

JHAYNE said...

great post! i'm a big fan of handlettering, too.

lisa s said...

oh hand lettering how i love thee!

Jennifer said...

I like the print in #3. I had already seen this on Etsy. Very sweet and sad at the same time.

KiWi said...

I managed to snag one of those Mychael Knight Starbucks t-shirts! I can't wait to get it. I love Mychael Knight.

jamie said...

i heart handlettering too!
great post :)

Anabel said...

Thanks! Great post!

catnapping said...

Thank you for the links. I went nuts and downloaded 12 "handwritten" fonts.