robot jumping rope home

i love the laid back style of estea's home in kansas city. from the pajama hook beside her kids beds, the chalkboard painted dressers, to the container that holds the chalk. a real relaxed and cozy looking home. you can see more on her flickr stream by clicking here for a slideshow or visit her blog, robot jumping rope. thanks estea for sharing these! so worth the look!

Jan Halvarson


platinum blonde said...

so beautiful & cozy!!!

Valentina said...

i like this laid back atmospèhere too!

estea said...

thanks for the love, Ms. poppytalk - and laid back is just about the only way one can go when 3 small children regularly ransack the joint ;)

remember everyone, bright colors hide fingerprints best!


hippyxic said...

i love her home too, so cosy and full of tender details***

Lori Pickert said...

love this home, the color and personality .. beautiful :^)