affordable art at poppytalk handmade part 2

signed fine art photograph (above) by alicia bock. she creates photographs that really do what she strives to create, "memories of our favorite days".

Also we can't resist The Cupcake Girls! Gocco-ing fun things like chairs and trucks to fabric and paper, then framing them in embroidery hoops. Always fun to see what they are going to come up with next.

You can't see it in this photo, put this print is actually printed on textured wallpaper, giving this unique illustration, La Noche Esta Oscura by Ditazol, more depth and interest. Ditazol is from Santiago de Chile and that's what's so unique about Etsy, so many artists brought together that one wouldn't normally know about.

A clever design by goshdarnknit artist, Rania Hassan. Her fascination with knitting, and love for painting and being intrigued by the community she found online with knitters from around the world and how it links her to her mother, and her monther's mother, and all the women that came before them. Such an inspiring piece on many different levels.

This piece by seller, Lily Moon, titled, "You'll be sorry when I'm gone", says so much. It always amazes us when so much emotion and storytelling can be brought to an illustration. Lilly Moon's pieces are so dreamy and whimsical.

guinea warrior print by jill dryer. a beautiful modern piece.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

I love peacocks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Liked one with two girls knitting,very original =)

Anonymous said...

hi! i have a question that i hope you can answer! i wanted to get a gocco machine for christmas, but i hear both that they are and are not going to stop making them. Even if they stop making the machines, does that mean the bulbs will no longer be available too? just wondering if i get one if i'll be able to find bulbs for it even if it's discontinued. any info would be great! thanks!