the art of the display + calendars: sycamore street press


Today's Art of the Display comes from one of my favorite letterpresses, Sycamore Street Press. That first shot of the left hand side of the bed really peaks an interest into seeing the rest, and then we loved her (Eva's) yellow curtains that warm up the kitchen.

Update: And I just found out about their new letterpressed calendars. Aren't they awesome? Completely hand-drawn and hand lettered imagery with 50% of all profits going to benefit AHOPE, an orphanage for HIV + children in Addis Adaba, Ethiopia. Here's a link to the shop


Unrelated: Stay tuned later today as we pick the winner of the Blue Poppy Jewelry giveaway!

Jan Halvarson


Maria said...

Nice blog!

Tracy said...

I love this display!!

Elissa said...

i love the chalkboard over the bed IDEA, but in my house it would just mean CHALK all over the bed! love this site though... so much great inspiration!

Jeanette Lunde said...

I´ve seen their work on several blogs, but never visited their webshop. Thank you for showing, just love theire prints!...and your blog, of course! I visit your blog every morning with my cup of tea, just makes the day happier Ü

poppy said...


lisa s said...

so charming. their space and the calendars

tiny banquet committee said...

I like their calendars but I am also really digging the mix of solid & patterned bedding. I just bought some garish vintage linens & was wondering how to deal with them, and now I am thinking I ought to try them with very plain pale grey something(s).