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After visiting one of our favorite font sites the other day, we came across a lovely silhouette dingbat by Candee Kis.

So we decided to make a pair of silhouettes to print out (inspired by a jasperware article in Martha Stewart Living) and then leave to you what you’d like to do with them. Frame to make pictures, print on card stock to make tags, make some gifts or let us know what you used them for.

Click here to get the downloadable pdf. (Prints two on 8.5” x 11).

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

I'd like to put Uma Thurman's face in the green one, and then it would be filled. said...

How sweet, thanks for sharing! I'll be linking to this post.

Firefly Hill said...

thank these

compulsively compiled said...

they'd make adorable christmas ornaments!