Bird and Bear

Today is definitely an embroidery day. Beautiful work abounds. These ones from, hand embroidered re-appropriated linens with hoop, one of a kinds.

Jan Halvarson


Chelsea said...


Driftwood and Chandelier said...

Truly inspirational and so 'simply' gorgeous. These little hankies are something anyone would treasure for a lifetime. romantic


Katrin said...

You are right: Today is an embroidery day! So I will sit down and do some more work now.


Betsy said...

Truly lovely. If it's embroidery day, please check out my shop! Simple, but sometimes less is more, eh? I hope you like it. I'm quite inspired by the pieces posted on Poppytalk!

jan said...

Very nice Katrin and Betsy - thanks for letting me know about you.

Mulot said...

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