L&G Storytime Part III: Decorating Without Impoverishing Yourself?

In these hard financial times it good to know you can turn to L&G Storytime right? We understand your need to live in a fabulous space without spending a bunch of mullah. We have the perfect book for you: “How to Decorate Without Going Broke” by Barty Phillips, 1974. Just look at the cover. We love how ladies can look so good even when applying wallpaper with a brush!

We have been collecting vintage decorating books with a fury after purchasing our first house (it’s actually a duplex, see all of our adventures on our house blog thirty-thirtytwo). The books have definitely provided us with bountiful inspiration. “How to Decorate Without Going Broke” is one of the most inspiring. Here’s why (with examples of our own):

1. Bold colors: Who has the balls to use color like this these days?? Bright oranges, greens, yellows, even pinks. It’s what inspired us to dash our walls with Kelly green and mossy yellow and to highlight our salmon colored couch and counter tops with contrasting shades of grey.


We like to use bold color enamelware to use as accent color and it adds an element of fun while cooking, too!


2. Patterns and texture: Wallpaper was king in 1974 and they used it and other patterns fearlessly. Look at the great textiles used in curtains, pillows, and bedding and the boldly decorated furniture! We haven’t figured out how best to incorporate this into our home, but when we do…look out!


3.Playfulness: Imagine a cocktail party where people are lounging around on sheep, taking a nap in a seagull, or your kids playing in a gigantic stuffed mouth. Seriously though, in these stressful times its important to be able to escape to a place that doesn’t take itself so seriously. We like to surround ourselves with the fun objects, books, and art that we’ve collected over the years. Psst! But we're also working on a life-size dinosaur slide. Woo hoo!

We have a ways to go to achieve the awesomeness that’s contained in the pages of this fabulous book, and we hope you find some inspiration to go wild with decorating like the old days. Enjoy!


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Jan Halvarson


Alison said...

Fabulous photos - love it!

Sweet Addie said...

I am so confused about the sheep?! Love your home though!

Summer said...

Great! Looks like such a fun book! Love your sofa!

Jess said...

My husband is a dentist-- I have to show him this stuffed mouth! He's going to insist we make one for our son :)

lyndsay said...

EEKS the seagull bed is the best thing ever!! i crucially need to remember this for the future. the mouth bed scared me a bit.
great guest post! :)

Ashley said...

Love it!!!!


Long Chicken said...

Similar sheep are in the January 2009 House Beautiful! The "Gentle Ewe Bench" available at http://www.sourceperrier.com
Only $525 each. Craziness.

Susie said...

I like the green apple bed spreads!

Lune Vintage said...

What a great post! I was totally enthralled. I also collect mid century home and gardens mags and books, and I would LOVE to own this one you've shown. Plus, your own home is fantastic! What a happy looking place to live.

irisz said...

Thanks a lot! It was nice for starting a week with something inspiring!!

chloejessica said...

This is great! I wish my house could be this cool.

style * life said...

Fab pics. Are they all from this book? If so I must get it.

Jean said...

Hi Style * Life, all the pics are from the book, there's even more great pics that I didn't post. It's a great for inspiration!

clorivak said...

Wow...I needed to see this! Thanks!!