Storytime with L&G PART II: For Big-Small, Short-Tall, You-Me & EVERYONE!!

Welcome back to our L&G Part II Storytime segment on Poppytalk.
Today, we like to share a delightful children's book by Tana Hoban. Tana, a talented photographer started publishing children's books in the 70's and has published more than 110 some books in her life. Tana captures the everyday mundane in a striking way that is familiar and nostalgic for adults but still captivating for the kids. The warmth and human quality of Tana's photos is undeniably beautiful.

One of our favorite books is "Push, Pull, Empty, Full- A book of opposites."
Dylan and I love the thoughtful way Tana captures certain objects, actions and living things to successfully convey the idea of opposites.

Not only do the photos teach kids the difference between, push-pull, front-back, together-apart, the book's pages alternatively show motion and still images in a way that is true to the mix that exists in real life and inspire the reader to apply the concepts to their own world. The simplicity of the black and white images and single word helvetica adjectives reduces the ideas to their pure core and lets the readers' imaginations go to work to complete the picture.

The photos do the talking so we'll shut up and let you enjoy the simple, sweet eye candy. :)

I couldn't resist using USNAPS photobooth and the adorable chalkboard wall with alphabet cards at Cafe Weekend to share the book with everyone. Oh! what fun we had last weekend...but mostly I just hogged the photobooth.

Have a great day...and night!

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Flax and Spindle said...

Very Cool!!

Janne said...

Thanks for sharing this! I went straight to Amazon and ordered a copy for my son :-)(Or was it for me...?)

lyndsay said...

cute!! but whole and broken is making me sad! dropping eggs by accident is a serious bummer... :)

lisa s said...

LOVE that book