Valentine's Card Slide Show

I can't believe I missed posting about this. A while back I put together a slide show of Valentine's Cards up on our flickr site meaning to post about it here, and somehow in all the hoopla - it got overlooked. So without further ado.... a valentine's card slide show! Click on the image as it's sliding and you will also see each card's online shop link!

Jan Halvarson


NeverEverEmma said...

Hi! I love the cards by "littleblackapple" - but I think you must mean theblackapple. I can't find a seller called littleblackapple.

Help please! I would love to buy one of these cards. Where did you see them?

jan said... - yes of course - where was my brain? somewhere between the black apple and little black rabbit - oops. thanks for the heads up!

Angie said...

Hi, cute cards you've featured. A few comments on your Valentine's Cards Part 2 slide show...I don't see any cards available in theblackapple or jessgonacha's etsy shops nor are there any listed as sold. Are you sure both those sellers have Valentine cards available? I see prints and zines, but no greeting cards. Also, bumbleink and hooteandannie don't have etsy shops as far as I know (at least, I couldn't find them on etsy), so the website addresses you listed for each don't work. They can be found at and respectively.