There is a light... Chez-Sucre-Chez

Kimberly from Chez Sucre Chez has a new series of cross-stitch pieces up in her shop which we're betting Smiths fans are going to go bonkers over. She's taken a few of the band's lyrics and cross-stitched them in a script-y cursive font. Click here to see more along with the rest of her winter series.

Jan Halvarson


The Wife of an Artist said...

I'm normally not a cross-stitch fan, but these are great!

Pinecone Camp said...

These are fantastic! Thanks for posting. It was a nice break from photoshop.

willows bark said...

For some reason I LOVE these. I wouldn't typically be drawn to cross-stitch, but these are really fresh!

The Smiths are amazing as well!

Melissa said...

As a fan of both The Smiths and of craftiness, I am completely smitten!