i made this for you... vol.9

by Somethings Hiding in Here

I made this for you Banannas Small banannas

sunday brunch is our favorite meal of the week. recently, i cut heart shaped bananas for the top of shauna's pancakes. it was an easy thing to do, and it made her melt like butter.

to make your own: simply carve a notch down the entire banana, then slice up the heart shapes onto pancakes, ice cream, or any of your favorite treats.

From stephen

Jan Halvarson


Little Gray Pixel said...

What a sweet idea -- I'll have to add some to my husband's cereal as a surprise. :-)

our little love nest said...

hmmm...wondering if it would melt a guy's heart in the same manner.

leni said...

this is such a sweet idea. i hope i remember this when i'm a mother!

made sweet said...

i love it. so simple and sweet.

chiara said...

so easy! i love it!

my name is lauren. said...

so cute! such a simple thing that instantly makes breakfast cooler.

Anonymous said...

what a great idea for the upcoming v-day!