Chakra P. Tutorial 2 : Vintage Valentines

by Rikkianne of Chakra Pennywhistle

Not long ago I inherited a box of love letters and Valentine’s Day cards from my great aunt. The box is full of beautiful stationary and cards all from the 1940’s and 50’s. When I was planning these tutorials, I knew that I wanted to use these in one way or another. The more I went through the box the more in awe I was with each and every one. The Valentines are especially wonderful with their vintage graphics and quite humorous and straightforward sayings. I quickly realized that I couldn’t alter them in any way. I think that they should be celebrated for what they are. They should be showcased in a way that they are fully visible yet still protected.

So I wanted to share this extremely simple tutorial of sorts. Basically, all that I did was take the Valentines and frame them. Short and simple with a lasting outcome. I wanted to share this with you so I arranged this tutorial as a way to encourage you to find your very own vintage Valentines. I actually took a trip to my local antique store and photographed a couple of the booths that offer vintage postcards and such. Most antique shops have at least vendor who specializes in vintage paper goods. I encourage you to take a trip to your local shop! It will be fun to see what you can find! After finding a couple of Valentines that speak to you, frame and give them to someone special.


If there are no antique shops in your area, don’t worry. Below is a link to an Etsy search for Vintage Valentine’s.

Vintage Valentines on Etsy

Float Frames: I picked a couple up at Michaels.

Online Source: Another online source.


Gather your Valentine’s and place them in the frames. Give to a loved one and display. Sweet and simple!

Here are a few of my vintage Valentines.

Float Frames:

Note: If you decide to use frames like the ones below, be aware that they do have a plastic mounting piece on the back. A lot of the Valentine’s are too small to cover it entirely. I combined a Valentine with an envelope to hide the piece.

Magnetic Acrylic Frames:

I hope that you enjoy this and have fun searching for your own vintage love note.

Jan Halvarson


Jaeveberry said...

How lucky of you to inherit such lovely treasures! Uber jealous over here! ;) Thanks for this tutorial! Proper preservation is a thing I need to learn! I love that these methods are great for both preserving AND presenting! I am a big fan of magnetic acrylic frames, I have a few of them at my house too!

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

So glad you liked it! Aren't the magnetic frames fabulous? I love them. I think that they give the Valentines a clean and modern look :)

Fabulously French said...

I love the magnetic acrylic frames, they look great.

After reading your blog it inspired me to look for some old french valentine cards and I have found some on ebay.

Merci beaucoup for the inspiration,

Leeann x

Mandy said...

Rikkianne - These are fabulous ideas! My youngest daughter's birthday is Valentine's Day and I have some reproductions of vintage valentines that I dangle from my chandelier for a few weeks leading up to her birthday. I especially love those magnetic frames. Your work is divine! Cheers, Mandy

Inspire. Create. Bake. said...
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Inspire. Create. Bake. said...

Such great ideas for the V-day cards. I bought some recently and wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. I really like your display options. If you want to view the cards I picked up at my recent flea market trip, you can see them here...

Sophie.J said...

the frame, the cards..
I have something as old as these, never did I have an ideal like this..
^-^ Thanks for sharing it.

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

So glad you all enjoyed this!

Amy, I love the Valentines that you found! Especially the "I've got you booked" one. The little sayings are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave Handcraft Items search engine today (look for timestamp: [21 Jan 07:50am GMT]).

Ashley Peak said...

Oh, I just found a huge set at an antique card. I decided to share them with Etsy via reproduction - check the set out at


Unknown said...

Fabulous idea lady! Those cards are so cute!!