IDS10 Part 2

Guest Post by Jen of Toronto Craft Alert reporting from IDS10


Here is the second installment of our coverage of the Toronto International Design Festival. After enjoying MADE’s Radiant Dark show, photographer Danijela Pruginic and writer Adam Gorley checked out the 2010 Interior Design Show, Canada’s largest contemporary design event which features 300 exhibitors, quite a different design animal. Those of you who missed the show will appreciate these visual highlights by Danijela (more in the flickr set) and be sure to check out Toronto Craft Alert for a review by Adam.

Balance Glassworks,

Carmen Yatscoff (Cymple Design), semi-permanent patio surface

The Practice of Everyday Design,

Ridgely Studio Works ,

Two Toques Design,

Aaron Lowe,

Jan Halvarson


Donna said...

Wonderful pieces!!!

harmonie park said...

jaw kept dropping and dropping as i scrolled down.

Ash said...

Lovin it all!
I'm so sad I missed the show!