This Land Is Your Land, by Amy Ruppel

The Working Proof's newest print, “This Land Is Your Land” by Amy Ruppel was inspired both by American Forests' work (, and by the beautiful pine trees that Amy is lucky enough to be surrounded by in Portland, Oregon. 15% of each print sold will be donated to American Forests, whose mission is to grow a healthier world with trees by working with communities on local efforts that restore and maintain forest ecosystems.
And an interview with Amy: here

Jan Halvarson


laura evans/photography said...

wonderful, powerful & thought provoking work of art ... gorgeous.

erin said...

i love this!

yufinats said...

love too :)

Adam Weld said...

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Adam Weld

lorigami said...

Oh lovely! This print will look perfect in my studio, thanks so much for the link.

coolhntr said...

amy is amazing. i love this image.