Hula Seventy: Street Art Makes Me Happy

Matt W. Moore, Paris

Contributer Post by Hula Seventy

When I need inspiration, I head straight for Wooster Collective-- a site that collects the best of the best of ephemeral art from city streets all over the world. I've posted favorites from Wooster collective before but a good amount of stellar street art has been posted since then. Which means I have a whole new set of favorites to share with you today:


Pablo, Salamanca, Spain

Alexandros Vasmoulakis and Paris Koutsikos

Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona


Hope you'll take the time to watch that video. Because it's pretty amazing. And I hope you stumble onto a little street art in your city in this week. If not, there's always Wooster Collective. Thank goodness for that.

Jan Halvarson


linziloop said...

Wow some lovely art there, I've never come across that site before but i will certainly be checking it out.

I remember seeing a lovely piece in Paris where it looked like a shadow of a huge tree, i thought it was, until i realised there was no tree!

My name's Haley said...

i love wooster collective and that sweet stop motion you posted. it made me want to share the stop motion street art mural our friend allen hampton made for our block party wedding.

You can see it here:

Amanda said...

That first one is FANTASTIC.

KIPI said...

Agreed...that first one took my breath away.

Guusje said...


Helena said...

I love Wooster Collective! I've been reading it for years.

That first pic is beautiful - how such a thing can be classed as vandalism is beyond me.

isabella whitney said...

wow, so inspiring!

p.s. i adore your blog.

Mati said...

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The Sitting Tree said...

Wow! The top pic is amazing. Wouldn't a quilt like that be beautiful too?!!

Deanna said...

You should check out Decoy! She and her friends are doing some outstanding stuff in DC.

Anonymous said...

ha! i was just in paris and took a photo in front of the first one.. it's in a really unassuming intersection across from a small franprix. my friend who lives around the block hadn't even noticed it