Home Sweet Home Tour No. 5: Mrs Eliot Books


This week's Home Sweet Home Tour takes us across the pond to North London and the home of artist/designer, Francesca Iannaccone of Mrs Eliot Books. Francesca makes prints, cards and little wooden books. There's a new baby in their house and they have recently moved. Living here in North America we don't see the high ceilings and windows - so it's a treat to see these plus the beautiful wood flooring and fireplaces that accompany each room. In her own words Francesca shares a description of their home.

We only moved in 2 months ago but we are very settled. We actually ended up house swapping as the people we bought from needed to downsize, so it worked out perfectly. It's Edwardian, with a modern loft conversion, hence the staircase. I love that mix of old and new. It has great light from a big window right at the top of the house which reflects off the white stairs. You can hear everything though, from top to bottom, so gone are my dreams of peace and quiet! We haven't had to do much to it yet, it's a magical house, we are so lucky to have it. We just painted the study and downstairs. I've wanted grey walls for a long time and we chose an ochre for the alcoves, I wanted something to just pop out from behind the books, and it works really well. On the bedroom wall, paintings by Sue Williams A'Court, Mirta Vignatti and me. On the living room wall, work by Anna Betts, Amanda Blake, Betsy Walton and me. In the study, bowl by Nina Van de Goor, prints by Lab Partners, and my vintage teacup collection. Almost all of our furniture is inherited. I have a very stylish father-in-law. The rocking chair was the very first piece of furniture he bought when we got married. Thanks Francesca (and family)!

Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books
Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books
Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books
Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books
Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books
Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books
Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books
Home Sweet Home Tour - Mrs Eliot Books


Jan Halvarson


Chloe said...

wow.. what a beautiful home! I love the living room, it's cosy & spacious too :o) we're really fortunate to have so much character in our homes here. I live in a small country cottage with thick walls & open fireplaces - quite the contrast!

Beautiful feature, thankyou!

sharon said...

so lovely - love the white fireplace and the kitchen table

the red bungalow said...

Oh I love it! Thank you for sharing. :) That sheepskin on the chair next to the fireplace looks great...and I think those yellow chairs in the kitchen are so fun. Always love a bit of inspiration.

Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

Kimberly @ Bookmark To Blog said...

Lovely! Looks like a house I could just move right into and not change a single thing.

loving. living. small. said...

oh how I love the pale blue! I am inspired to use this paint color again in my bedroom. really loving your house tours - thanks for sharing!!

You Are My Fave said...

It's no surprise that with how lovely her shop is, that her home is on par with the loveliness. The built ins, the fireplaces and the color scheme is sort of perfect.

Jujube said...

I love the pale blue same as loving.living.small.


Alison said...

I love that random light in the fireplace, and that spiral staircase is just heavenly!

Francesca said...

thanks for your sweet comments, and thanks jan for featuring our place. x

p.s. the yellow chairs are ikea. cheap cheap cheap!

Cecile Blake said...

wow lovely, - please tell where that beautifull cushion on the rocking chair is from!

Francesca said...
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Francesca said...

Hi Cecile, the cushion is my 'let's go for a walk' design for envelop. here's the shop:


Kylie said...

Gorgeous home! I've followed Francesca's blog and work for about a year now and I am not at all surprised to see her beautiful stylish home - just lovely :) Thanks for sharing. K

Mirta Vignatti said...

Hi!!! I'm very happy to have seen my small canvas in your beautiful home!!! Thank you and, if you want, open the website
www.art-arte.it :you can have a look of my last produccion and of my first video.After write me your opinions. Thanks a lot Mirta Vignatti