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16 Come read my pile of magazines!

I thought it was time for a new post on online shelter magazines since my last one was back in 2008. One of my commenters last week asked if I knew of any others after posting about the latest, Sweet Paul. So looking into my bookmarks I found a few others that maybe some of you haven't seen. I love digital magazines - perfect for the environment and easily accessible. Here's a few I have on file. If you know of any others I haven't mentioned here that would fit this post, feel free to leave a comment. Above photo from online magazine, Fryd + Design.

Fryd + Design

An adorable new publication by Scandinavian blogger, Jeanette Lunde of Fryd + Design. Lots of pretty images and thoughts from life in northern Europe. English readers can look forward to an english version soon. Can't wait!

First issue: Fryd + Design
Blog: frydogdesign.blogspot.com


British shelter magazine, Livingetc offers up a few free pages (20 to be exact) of their magazine (digital version) to tease us each month. Click here to see the latest preview (June 2010) and here for their May issue.

Below a few snippings from the June issue. Loving those pillows from Ferm LIVING at 95percentdanish.com and that Badge Weekend Bag from Cath Kidston!

Nesting Newbies

A creative endeavor by McIntosh & Murphy and a little too much on the traditional side (design-wise for our liking); the magazine offers recipes, entertaining and decorating ideas.

Issue 2

Photo from nestingnewbies.com

Sweet Paul

We just posted about this new online magazine last week, created by prop stylist, Paul Lowe of the blog, Sweet Paul. Beautiful images featuring food (including delicious recipes), entertaining, crafty ideas and decor.

Spring 2010 Issue


A fun online American shelter magazine offering inspiration for interiors galore! Beautiful photos of real homes, product reviews, entertainment and recipes.


John Beck Chalkboard PendantLight from Green Depot. (Featured in Lonny's latest issue)

House & Home

Canada's magazine of home and style House & Home shares 13 or so pages each month of their digital issues. One gets a sneak peek at specific articles from product reviews, interiors and their food section. Click here to visit the current sample and here to subscribe to the digital edition.

Latest issue
Canadian House & Home

Also another option for online magazines is through Coverleaf where you can purchase a few well-known publications of various categories for only .99 cents a copy. Sometimes I'll buy my ReadyMade magazine there or Better Homes and Gardens. They also allow you to preview a few pages of each issue.


diariodeunacouturier said...

I am going to take a look on it.

Jolene Crawford said...

what about Neet magazine?

Ragged Roses said...

Thanks for all the links, shall go and take a peep

wood & wool stool said...

I've seen the e magazine of Fryd + Design and every single page is so
to the point. I will get a look at the other links...

Lori said...

Glorious links! Thanks.

Noodles and Waffles said...

Thanks! This is great.

jan said...

Neet is a good one - i was just covering shelter magazines however (not fashion)

monkeyandsquirrel said...

ohhhh, i see hours of entertainment in my future. thanks!

Lady Grey said...

Thanks for sharing, many of these are new to me : )

jan said...

Jessica - me too, thanks!

emma said...

seems to be more and more online and fewer and fewer paper magazines.

Katie @ Haute Apple Pie said...

Ha! Looks like we had the same inspiration today...I just featured some of the same online mags! Now I have a few more to check out :)

Emily and Hannah said...

Oooooh- so much inspiration, so little time! I'm loving it all and will have to schedule time to bookmark and look through all of these resources:)

lisa s said...

ahhhh magazines.
thanks for these great pics jan !

divya said...

hi everyone..........can i add one more to the above fantastic list!.....its RUE magazine.....

pobox607 said...

thank you! the perfect inspiration...