Sycamore Street Press: A Summer Bike Ride

Photo by Clumsy Bird

Contributor Post by Eva Jorgensen of Sycamore Street Press

Don't these photos make you want to take a long, leisurely bike ride? Someone stole my bicycle a few years ago, and I still haven't replaced it. But as the weather warms up, I've been hankering for another.

Photo by Steve Ballantz

Photo by Porro

Photo by Troy Ayala

Photo by Max Cook via ReadysetDC

Basil Dundee Basket and WorkCycles Oma from Dutch Bike Co.

Once I find the bike for me, I'll throw a little boombox in the basket with >a summery mix tape playing, and see where the road takes me.

Jan Halvarson


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

YES! I would love to go right now, please!

Valerie said...

love the first photo by Clumsy Bird of the bicycles in the grass...Reminds me of beautiful summer rides. All we need now is a picnic basket.