Sweetest Bike Makeover

Contributer post by Andrea of Hula Seventy
When my friend Cori Kindred dropped by last week to show me her 'new' bike, I just about died. From cuteness, I mean. Because look at it. Sweetest little bicycle DIY makeover! Probably ever.

Super cute (and clever) makeovers are not new to Cori-- if you've not yet seen her altered Polaroid SX-70 camera, take a look here. Seriously stylish. Hard to improve upon the perfection that is the SX-70 camera but somehow Cori managed to do just that.

No surprise then, that she was able to transform her bike into complete and total cuteness. I am in love with the details.

At first glance, it looked as if the bike had been painted on but upon closer inspection, I realized she'd covered it with fabric! Genius.

And that basket! An estate sale find with a little green trim added. Love.

Check out the complete DIY details on Cori's blog here and prepare to be inspired, friends.

Jan Halvarson


Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

that is the COOLEST bike paint job I have ever seen!!

second storie said...

who would have thought to cover a bike in fabric? Love it. Favorite thing is definitely the poms around the basket!

Ellie said...

THIS IS FABULOUS! What a great idea!! Got me thinking - what about using contact paper? Like the sticky kind for lining drawers - bet it would be easy to clean too! Neat post! Thanks for sharing!

<3 Ellie (lovelie)

becka said...

Oh I love it! Such a clever gal that one!

WhenSheWasGood said...

SO SWEET!!!! Ummm, I definitely see a bike makeover in my future. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lady Grey said...

wow that's incredible! Look at the detail!

Tammy said...

Ooh! I did something similar a few years back with my bike, only I used stretchy turquoise sequinned ribbon from Dressew to wrap the frame. It cost *maybe* $5 and at the end I had the sparkliest bike on the east side!