Summer Colours Week! Blue

Today (and the colour blue) marks the last day of our Summer Colours Week, and the best colour week thus far (2,041 images and counting at the beginning of Friday)! "Wow" is all we can say and we hope you'll join us again in September for an "autumn version". We'll be back later today with a summary of the day. Thanks for your participation, and even though we weren't able to name you all here, you can be sure we (and all our readers) enjoyed every single photo! All of them so inspiring! (Photo credits below).

blue green on birch

No 1. knitalatte11; No. 2. Cori Kindred; No. 3. knitalatte11
No. 4. L. Grainne

Jan Halvarson


Navare said...

The top photo is gorgeous and very soothing to view!

Boo's Mom said...

Color (or Colour!) week was so much fun! Can't wait for the fall! Thank you.

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Just love the wonderful work of Knittalatte - she has this special contact to nature and her love of the things around her speaks through the photos. So nice!

Jen @ Bloggers Abode said...

We're on the same page this week. I'm completely feeling the soft blues. Probably because it's been a GOD AWFUL 112 in my neck of the woods all week. Cool blue or a freezing blue pool will be part of the long weekend.