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19 Studio Tour: Inoui Studio

The studio entrance and foyer
This past summer I wrote about these stairs in a post on a wooden yardstick project, and then I received a follow-up email today from Kyla and Amber of Inoui Design who designed those stairs for their office, and just finished the design and renovation of their studio space which is a 450 square foot suite in a heritage building in Victoria's Fernwood Village neighbourhood here on the west coast. We're honoured they sent along a few pictures to share. Kyla explains, "It's a clean modern office with some great detailing using found objects, DIY installations and bright pops of colour. The studio also features custom millwork and furniture pieces, such as our sample library storage with a reclaimed rolling ladder (purchased after we had the space photographed) and our meeting table made from a single beam salvaged from a cannery in Port Alice. Although the office is modest in size we have really used the space well, building on the amazing bones."

A close-up of their recycled magazine wall installation
Floor tiling

Custom shelving for their sample library (this was taken before they found their full-height ladder at an antique shop - as you can see, it comes in handy!)
Their meeting table (made from a single salvaged beam)

Zeus Pendant Light from Fullhouse (Vancouver)
Wall installation of old house plans from a book they scored at Stepback on Broadway (Vancouver)
The covers from the plan books
Washroom - Pendant Lights from Kuzco (ordered through a local lighting supplier).

Visit their facebook page to see more including before pictures (like these chairs - below they reupholstered). And if you have time, be sure to check out their work at their site, inouidesign.ca; I'm loving one of the kitchens they have featured there (the size and layout of it is exactly like our kitchen we are currently renovating in our townhouse)! Thanks Kyla and Amber!

Meter stick stair risers (with their office mascot Tucker)


mnemonique said...

they used some nice, simple and creative ideas to make this space. I like it a lot!

Judith of Felicity Crew said...

This looks like a perfect dream work space!

Konfettiform said...

A really wonderful place!! Like the graphic elements, the lamps and the feel in general. I could definitely work there!

Cherry Ann Art said...

I loved the writing on the steps !! and the magazine wall hanging by the steps.

Melissa Blake said...

I love that sink!!! :)

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

OMG- so inspiring! I love the floor tile like crazy- and the writing on the steps and that amazing fabric on the chairs most of all- do you happen to know the name of it? Must have some!!!

lesley [smidgebox] said...

that space is stunning. i remember seeing those stairs. love all the little touches. the lighting is perfection. also love all the locally sourced goodies. stepback is one of my fave vancouver shops, love it!

thanks for sharing the finished photos :)

decorativity said...

Oh man, I distinctly remember the yardstick steps and the Marimekko fabric-covered chairs from this summer! Awesome job.

sMacThoughts said...

The stairs are my favorite!

Mandy Crandell said...

I just love all of the little details. Such an incredible space.

Leah Rourke said...

A-MAY-ZING designers and amazing ladies. Great post.

Janick - Nea said...

Gotta love those meter steps! Loveeeee!

ashley⧓moe said...

oh my goodness the sweet little mascot tucker is just the cutest!

Luciane From HomeBunch.com said...

Lovely! My favorite is the last pic!

Great post! Thanks!!!

Luciane, From HomeBunch.com

Bianca said...

love the lights and chair. rad.

Pinecone Camp said...

I'm in love.
these ladies are fantastically talented!

MUS said...

great place!
i heart the zeus pendant lights!


I am a BIG fan of INOUI design collective - They are not just original they have a sea of creativity in their minds. They go beyond the comfort zone and you can appreciate that in the images of their studio.

I am just so proud that we both work in the same city and that we are great colleagues and friends.

Finally somebody bringing something unique, and not the stereotypical stuff we see all the time in the community of Victoria BC Canada.

Go gurls!

Sara Earle said...

I love this post! I sell that fabric they used on the chairs. It's a Marimekko fabric from Finland called "Siirtolapuutarha"

here is a link to Marimekko's website so you can see the full repeat. This fabric is expensive and starts around $45 per yard but I'm sure you can find it cheaper on the web.