Weekend Project: Candy Corn Garland DIY

The folks over at Room6, a super-cute shop here in the lower mainland (Deep Cove) and (also online), sent us this cute little Candy Corn Garland DIY idea that they did for their shop window display and thought it might be something people would like to make this weekend. (Um...Yes)! They even sent us the link to download the template to make them! (See instructions below.)

And as a side, they are offering an online halloween treat this weekend! Save 20% off any purchase online through Sunday, October 31. Enter code: TREAT20 in the coupon box upon check-out and they will take 20% off the entire order!

Candy Corn Garland Instructions

1.) Download the template here. You can either create a stencil, or cut out the corn shapes and trace them. However you roll.
2.) Get yourself some cardstock in yellow, cream/white and orange.
3.) Cut out the 3 shapes and tape them together with clear tape.
4.) Sew 'em together (they used orange thread and sewed them about 2-3" apart.
5.) Hang 'em up & have a Happy Halloween!

(Thanks Megan!)

Jan Halvarson


Amy said...

wow! those look great

Susan said...

Love it !!!

MagicMarkingsArt said...

love their great site too!

Faith said...

How cute! (And easy!)

Evita said...

OMG these are made of total awesomesauce! Thanks for sharing these with us.

Melissa Blake said...

SO cute!

Unknown said...

such a cool idea for a kids' B'day party


mei said...

Simple & cute!

Dianne said...

These are adorable and they look so simple too! That's my kind of decorating.

Lori said...

LOVE this idea, came across it on pinterest today, but the link to the template doesn't work :-( Any chance you could email it to me ?? lcturnbow(at)gmail(dot)com