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25 Craft Day with Pinecone Camp

Last week Poppytalk contributor and photographer, Janis Nicolay and I got together for a super fun craft day! We had both been longing to do something together and driftwood was the chosen theme. So after spending another day (a few weeks back) beach combing a local shore (not too far from where I live - and a bonus day by the way) we found some beautiful pieces to work with.

As we collected, ideas were thrown back and forth, God's Eyes became a focus (so we started looking for longer thinner pieces), Janis had an idea to make a square wreath and I was thinking of possibilities such as coat hangers. In the end after taking stock of all that we found, other ideas also evolved, and initial ones dropped. But all in all, we decided to make it a holiday-themed decor idea, but really, these could be translated into any theme of course. One could also use tree branches in place of driftwood if you live inland, maybe even removing the bark to get the smooth effect like driftwood. Or as Megan says, however you roll. (All photo's by Janis Nicolay).

craftday_9151selected pieces
God's Eyes

As it had been years since I made God's Eyes (an old summer camp craft), Janis gave me a mini lesson. And really, it's pretty easy, but definitely a little tricky at first if you're a novice like me. So we made this mini video to help explain the process. (Excuse the quality, it was taken quickly using my iPhone).

Basically we tied two twigs together with the yarn, and then went from there; first creating a cross effect and then starting the weaving process (over and around on one twig and then under and around on the next and continuing through to the end). We used two colours, tying the yarn when it was time to and then to end it by weaving through and knotting it.

Driftwood Wreath

Janis' wreath craft started out with some festive craft fare such as pinecones and glitter dust.

First she wired together the driftwood pieces creating a square. She then applied some glitter to the pinecone and wired it (using floral wire and a glue gun) to one corner. A found piece of curly bark was added for interest.

Afterwards Janis tied some grey yarn around the top to hang it with. A simple and clean modern take on a traditional holiday accessory!

Yarn Wrapped Driftwood

As Janis was making her wreath, and as I looked at my driftwood, a thought had come to mind to perhaps wrap some different coloured yarns around the edges of a few pieces. What ended up were these pieces below; which I rather liked and may stick around even longer than the holidays.

We hope you enjoyed our craft day as much as we did. There's nothing more refreshing than removing oneself from the computer and getting together with a sweet friend (who makes delicious coffee and a good lunch). She served her olive + rosemary mini bread (a must try recipe)! Plus the craft wasn't too overwhelming, and rather rewarding in the end. We were able to make quite a few God's Eyes, the wreath and some wrapped sticks all in an afternoon!



greenaccordion said...

The idea of God's eyes is very good. It gets another dimension with its connections from up and down.

I think it will be excellent with shelled linden tree's branch which is easly handled when they are wet in summer.

Lady Grey said...

So creative! I love the wee pinecones & glitter.

my name is ish said...

Those god's eyes totally remind me of camp, but we never had yarn in such nice colors!

Jessica said...

Sweet craft day!

Maria Apostolou said...

Devoting a day to crafting as far as away from the computer as possible is something we all need to do! I love what you did with the driftwood, especially the last piece with the wrapped yarn.
I collect driftwood too, I like the smoothness and the whiteness of it.

Vesle Serena said...

Nice colours! I love the "Norges glass" jar :) with the Christmas balls in :)

mise said...

I haven't made God's eyes since I was a girl - how delightful to see them again. They'd be ever so pretty on a Christmas tree.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You ladies are so very talented & the images are lovely. I love inspiration!! Thank you : D

jan said...

Thank you ladies, it was a nice diversion. I definitely recommend it.

Renee (eatliveshop.com) said...

Wow I love both - great job!

Ni said...

Very nice!!! Thank you. It made me want to try something too.

Callie Grayson said...

amazingly beautiful! what a fun day of collecting drift wood and crafts.

Vintage Home said...

...such a couple of smarty pants!...love the combo of wood and pink wool!...Pine cones & sparkle!

Jahje Ives said...

I love it - the god's eye was exactly how I got inspired to make my yarn wrapped branches for the Baby Jives mobiles. Now try wrapping 60+ branches in yarn and you'll be experiencing what I do for my week of fun...

fromblank said...

you have such a nice blog, and so many creative DIY's. awesome!



Honestly...WTF said...

WOW! LOVE THIS! The pinks are to die for! Can't wait to try it ourselves!! xx

Elizabeth Soule said...

Congratulations on the Free People blog post about this project!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hi from PEI !
totally cute crafts.
the driftwood sticks remind me of ones we used for family meetings. whoever held "the stick" got to speak so we werent all talking at once. :) good times

Sarah said...

Love the God's Eyes

That beach is right by my parent's house. I'm going to take the dog and collect some driftwood... Granted he doesn't steal it away to gnaw on!

Great use for all the little leftover bits of yarn I have around!

RainyDayBear said...

Love <3 Thats very similar to the jewelry I make.

jan said...

Rainy Day Bear - oh how pretty! i'd love something like that!

Janet said...

How lovely. Reminded me of days long ago- my Dad would bring home driftwood for my mom after a day on the riverbank fishing, and together as a family we took turns suggesting what animals they looked like. These days I now collect my own.

RainyDayBear said...

Thanks! Launching the new shop in a month. Keep posted!

Miss B. said...

very clever. thanks for sharing.


I like very much.. I'll try soon.. Thank's..Love from Turkey...