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7 Free Printable Download: Last Minute Tags & Gift Wrap!

Last year I made some downloadable printable holiday tags for those last minute gift wrappers that like me, forget tags or wrap! This year I'm doing it again, these one's inspired by Sweet Paul's Thanksgiving tags and wrap; and with the help of The Commons images over on flickr - I found some gems of the snow-capped mountains here in the Pacific N.W. to design a collage with. Click here to download/print the tags, and here for the wrap. I already wrapped one little gift with them, and tied it with some fluorescent yarn. Happy wrapping!


Christiana said...

Thank You!

These are the perfect touch for wrapping my husband's stocking stuffers. We spent our honeymoon in Seattle and we often go hiking and snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies and when we visit the West Coast we try to get a mountain hike in as well.


radmegan said...

What a great post! Thanks :)

Jessica said...

oh, i love these! thanks!

LAURA!!! said...

Oh these are so great! especially lovely with the red yarn! lovelove

Emily said...

thank you - these will come in handy!

Stella Saves the Day said...

Ooh! Thanks so much Jan and Earl! Happy Holidays to you too!

Michael Kline said...

I'll need a bigger printer!! (or smaller presents);) thanks! These are super!