Winter Colours Week 2011!

snow at last

Yay, it's that time again! Time join us next week as we celebrate colours with our winter version this time, Winter Colours Week! Just like in the past, we've created a flickr pool where starting Monday, January 17th, we can all upload our colour appropriate images to the pool, and I will then repost as many as possible here on the blog! I did a poll on twitter for colour suggestions, and there were some great ones. Here they are:

Jan. 17/11 - Monday - Reds (cerise, berry...)!
Jan. 18/11 - Tuesday - Whites (dove, whites, off whites, whatever shade of white you think)
Jan. 19/11 - Wednesday - Blues (Navy Blue, Turquoise...)
Jan. 20/11 - Thursday - Greens (Mint green, spruce...)
Jan. 21/11 - Friday - Silver and Gold!

And as just like before lets wait til 6pm (Pacific time) before we start uploading the next day's colour - so that we have a beautiful aesthetic to oogle over at the pool. Thanks, looking forward to it! Click here to join!

Jan Halvarson


Joanna said...

i like you blog Poppytalk..and your images often make me smile..especially lately the Snow Ones! As I am in New Zealand, where it is now summer... how could i possibly be longing for snow while at the beach?
Keep up the good-blogging.... we're reading!

suffragette said...

woot! i'm excited to see all the winter colours!

Ali said...

Oh good - I'm joining in!

Margie Oomen said...

when it isn't white it is almost always grey
that about sums up winter in ontario
have a wonderful weekend jan and earl

UpGemini said...

WOW really tempting, let's give it a try! :D

Amanda said...

I can't wait, color weeks are so much fun!

zameander said...

i'm in!

SillyHilli said...

I love this!

meridith said...

i'm in!

lark+linen said...

this is such a fun idea! I missed todays already (boo) but i'll try to step it up for the rest of the week

silverpebble said...

I'm in. Better late than never!