Art Find: Chelsea James

bookshelf by chelsea james

I came across these paintings by Chelsea James and was instantly drawn to the muted colours and mundane subjects. In her artist statement she mentions that she chooses to paint objects that evoke childhood memories, create situations of atmospheric mystery, and bring visual interest through interaction. I'm intrigued with her subtleties and interpretations of them. (Via Ali Loves Curtis).

Jan Halvarson


Vanessa Elizabeth said...

These are lovely! The use of colour and light reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud's work.

SnOOp said...

Oh wow the paintings are sublime... I'm in LOVE

dahlhaus said...

Stunning- love these! Great find, Jan!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting! The visual textures are like viewing these scenes through rippled clear glass. It gives you a new, almost contemplative perspective on the mundane. Nice. :)