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12 Green Dreams

Guest post by Cori Kindred

hello poppytalk readers! cori kindred here again, on this sunny, chilly day. so my boyfriend and i might be moving soon into a house (!) with a backyard (!!!). i haven't had a backyard in years, so i've been getting excited about how i'm going to decorate and fix it up.

first up: twinkle lights to add a sprinkle of magic.

next: a hammock so i can read or take a nap in the dappled sunshine.

or if i'm feeling really fancy, a hanging bed!

my dream studio: a glass treehouse

or this one: a tiny victorian cottage

and something a little bit more realistic: a pretty vintage wagon filled with succulents.

hope you enjoyed this tour through my dream backyard. i know i did! 

(photo credits: twinkle lights, hammock, hanging bed, glass treehouse, victorian cottage, wagon.)


Sausage Jar said...

This hanging bed is just unbelievable!!!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Congratulations on your soon-to-be house with a backyard! Love these ideas... I hope you get to do most of them! :)

Alena said...

Love this post! How exciting. The hanging bed is amazing!!

Christine said...

Love everything about that first one!

Meli from Blush + Jelly said...

These images have me longing for a backyard! I would definitely love having a hanging bed in the back to read books and take afternoon naps.

Vanessa Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love outdoor spaces! If only there were more than 2 months of nice weather in Vancouver to justify one . . .

Veronica said...

Love the glass tree house, I always wanted a treehouse when I was a kid, and after seeing that picture I realize that I still do!

Muruska said...

Oh! I would like to decorate my house or atleast childs room like in fairytales, magic in the air all day long!

Janee Lookerse said...

What lovely images! I've seen that hanging bed before and I want to die everytime I see it! But those sparkly lights are pretty fantastic too :)


Patty said...

Oh how I love hammocks. I've been looking for just the right one to hang in my backyard. Have fun decorating your new outdoor space!

Designateddryden said...

I think that I have spent the night in the glass treehouse before with some friends. I remember the bridges in particular. If not that one, then one very similar. It was absolutely magical.

Chanel Smith said...

You're funny! Don't believe that your big dreams are any less realistic than that wagon filled with succulents! They just take a little longer to grow.....or do they? ;)

Willa Fay