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6 Lovely Things from FIne LIttle Day


Elisabeth from Fine Little Day always draws me in with her creativity and the way she presents the things she makes. Above her new sticky tape, Mors lilla Olle ( a swedish fairy tale and fauna theme), her OK pillowcases, a fort in the woods and her new pear print, Pirum Parum.  *sigh*

Read Elisabeth's contributor posts at Poppytalk, Dispatches from Sweden.


Urban Picker said...

Simple pleasures at their best, thats what it all about!

Pinecone Camp said...

Ahh, Jan. Once again you're making buy more tape. Love this tape. I'm also quite loving the pillows.

Sausage Jar said...

Aw! The pillows! It's like sleeping in the forest!

Anne said...

Absolutely love it!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

I love these photos and I love those pillows!!

amourette said...

thats the cutest and saddest little pear i've ever seen