mushroom love

cori kindred back again! there's something about the happy little mini-umbrella shape of mushrooms that i just adore. it doesn't hurt that i live in the lush northwest, where mushrooms are popping up nearly year-round (and where a cute little umbrella would definitely come in handy today!).

here are some of my favorite mushrooms:

everything lyndie dourthe creates is pretty much magic. her fascinating use of textiles and paper immediately draw me in to her world, and these fabric mushrooms are no exception.

{ photo by lyndie dourthe }
speaking of magical, hello enchanting little mushroom house! i've yet to find one like this in the mossy forests of oregon, but i'll keep looking...

{ photo by caglarcity }
you can always make your own mushrooms out of recycled paper ~ sounds like the perfect rainy-day project!.
{ photo and tutorial from posh makes }

mushrooms and polaroids are one of my favorite pairings. my boyfriend and i found this one at the hoyt arboretum here in portland. isn't it lovely?

{ photo available for sale }

tiny mushrooms in thimble planters? how sweet is that!

{ photo by margaret oomen }

the most breath-taking architecture. you'd feel like alice in wonderland in this space!

{ via on display -
photo by phil rogers

these gorgeous little champignons were hiding in a vintage french dictionary i found at a book sale. everything is prettier in french!

{ photo by cori kindred }

salvaged leather mushrooms ~ so gorgeous! and i love any project that uses scraps that would otherwise be thrown out.

{ from nuno magazine via made of cloth }

i love mushrooms so much i even made some to sell! so until this grey rain turns into some spring sunshine, i'll hide out under my virtual collection of little mother nature-made (and home-made) umbrellas.


cori kindred lives in gorgeous, green portland oregon. when she's not making a mess in her studio you'll find her at thrift stores, taking photos, eating yummy veggie food, watching movies, playing in photobooths and traveling. see her work here and her vintage shop here!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely picture of the mushroom from the arboretum. Sort of sad it was picked though, so no one else could enjoy it.

Kandice said...

oh wow, nice post! i have a little thing for mushrooms too and i've got to say, this post is seriously making me happy.

that architecture? why don't i already know about that? it's amazing! these are just really fun photos, thanks for sharing!

Catherine LES VIGNETTES said...

such a great and inspiring post. Thanks thanks

Anonymous said...

The architecture? I nearly choked on my breakfast! Thats our Senedd Building (Welsh Assembly Government building) here in Cardiff, UK. Designed by Richard Rogers. Aren't we lucky? :) You can wander around with a coffee and watch the politicians debating. Ceri x

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

These are so great, wow! Definitely bookmarking this page!

asha said...


There is a wonderful artist somewhere on Flickr (sorry, I can't seem to find her at the moment!) who does some amazing spore prints from mushrooms she forages. They're wonderful.

Great themed post! :)

Jan | Poppytalk said...

Asha - maybe you're thinking of Margie Oomen of Resurection Fern?

cori said...

anonymous: i would never pick a mushroom just to take a pretty photo. luckily for me out of the hundreds we found there were a few that had fallen over (thanks to being extremely top-heavy). so no need to be sad :)

ceri: thanks for letting us know! you are indeed lucky, it's a gorgeous building.

thanks for all of the kind comments. it's nice to know i'm not the only one who loves mushrooms!

Everyday Emotion said...

wow so cute that tiny mushrooms in thimble planters. Amazing!

Margie Oomen said...

what a beautiful post cori
and i am so pleased to see my new fiber artist crush that geninne introduced me to here ( lyndie)

C W said...

Julie said...

great post. J'adore les champignons!