A Spring Treasury by Modesign





Last night I ran into a treasury on the front page at Etsy that had a spring theme filled with great colours and pieces. Did you see it? (It was beautiful).  Curated by Modesign, I had to bring a few of my favourites here. Click here to see the whole set.

Jan Halvarson


Anna Bree said...

I loved that first print so much I had to buy it straight away!

Monique said...

I'm a fan of Dr. Kennedy Jone's shop. So many amazing prints.

Pinecone Camp said...

That's a beautiful treasury! Love the faded blues and oranges.

The Social Secretary said...

love that painting by tastes orangy. great colors.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

thanks for posting my new print here Jan ~ this was a lovely surprise. love the treasury :)

Katie Chrishanthi Shipley said...

These are all so beautiful!