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5 Weekend Project: Spray Painted IKEA Lamps

The folks at Ikea's blog, Livet Hemma are like my dream DIY BFF's!  Everytime I visit their site I'm yet again inspired.  This time with their aluminum pendant lights, FOTO. Inspired by their readers who had sprayed some lights themselves Livet Hemma spray painted some FOTO lights with yellow, some soft pastels and a dull military green.  It's a DIY that is super easy and cheap!  Here's how (translated from their website):

Wipe the lamp with a damp cloth and allow to dry. Put masking tape on the end of the wires before you start spraying, it is easy to remove later when the paint has dried.

Put plenty of newspaper or cardboard for protection so you don't get paint on the floor or ground if you do this outside. It's important that it is well ventilated area where you spray.

Shake spray bottle well so that the paint is mixed well. You get a smooth, even results if you spray a bit thinner in two rounds. Let dry about 15 minutes in between.

See more pictures here.


Kate said...

Wow! Great idea... what a nice way to add a little color to a room and customize some Ikea fare! Thanks for sharing :-)

Amy - Pride of Place said...

I wish ikea was closer to me than a 3 hour drive. Althoug I probably wouldn't have room to move if it was! Thanks for sharing.

jody said...

Great idea, looks fantastic!

.30goingnorth. said...

Oh gosh, I LOVE these!

Erin said...

Ikea here I come!!...these would look fabulous in my boys' play-loft! Thanks for sharing...