Weekend Project: Midsummer Table

One day I hope to be in Sweden celebrating Midsummer (which is probably starting to happen as I write this). If I had a life List, chiming in the summer solstice under the midnight sun beside a crackling bonfire would be in it!  But until then, I always like visiting some of my favourite Swedish blogs for inspiration at this time of year.  Today I came across this cute little project to preserve a little bit of summer over at Livet Hemma.  If you happen to have a table with a glass top this would be a fun way to summerize it.  Click here to see! Shown here: HEMNES table from IKEA (Sweden).  Speaking of IKEA, they're holding a summer sale (till midnight tonight), and I'm in need of a few things (like a kitchen)!  Happy Midsummer!

Jan Halvarson


Veterok. said...

Aww, people always hype Sweden more than Finland! :D I guess no-one knows Finland anyway, but we actually have the same celebrations and traditions. Smoke sauna & swimming in the lake & all the Midsummer night's magic! And the midnight sun too - it's a beautiful night right now. We've been celebrating for a while now but for some reason I'm sitting in front of the computer, hahah.

Anyway, lovely project, I wish I had a table like that so that I could put vintage pictures and other little ephemera under the glass..
Happy Midsummer!

DASI GLAM said...

Ohhh, this is really cute!

Samantha said...

Oh to have a bit of Summer right now! Love that table and I think my life list would HAVE to include a Swedish midsummer celebration1