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8 DIY Idea - Recycled Bottle Hanging Vases

A fun little DIY for an impromptu dinner maybe at the cottage?  These hanging vases are of course made from recycled plastic pop bottles and would also be great decorated with stones on the bottom to hold a single centered flower or maybe with slices of limes or oranges as suggested from where we found this, at the Spanish site, Micasa.  (Instructions there also if you need them).

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Shasta Blair said...

this is a great idea!

Betsy said...

Love this idea! I saw one a while back that was more of a garland made out of small glass vials that medicine comes in. I love the ranunculus too!

1129 said...

lovely easy idea! best nicoletta

Pinecone Camp said...

Cute idea! I think I have a few of those kicking around. ;)

Conny's Cottage said...

thats great

soooo lovely

hugs Conny

Ieva UkanytÄ— said...

wow, that looks really great!


1129 said...

funny, thank you for sharing, I reblogged :) best

The Belly Dancer said...

This is such an awesome idea. Now following your blog.