BHLDN Paper Pom Tutorial

Guest post by Lindsey Buck of The Hive

If you’ve ever ordered Paper Poms from BHLDN, your first thought may have been something like this (especially if you’ve never dealt with paper poms before): What is this? I thought it was a paper pom and not a fan. Do I take the wire middle off? I will never get this to look as beautiful as BHLDN! I eventually asked BHLDN for help and it ended up being a very obvious process, so here is my version of the steps (after the jump):

Step 1:
Carefully pull back each tissue layer, one at a time. Since it’s tissue paper, it tears very easily. Also, Don’t get in a hurry & pull back 2 at a time, or it won’t turn out as “fluffy” as BHLDN’s version when you’re finished.

Step 1 Tip:
As you continue pulling layers, carefully stuff your fingers behind & all the way down each layer to help pull the tissue paper up from the center of the paper pom. This will help it fluff to its full potential

Once you’ve completed one end of the tissue layers, it should look like a hydrangea bouquet. Isn’t she beautiful?

Step 2:
Continue repeating Step 1 on the other end of the paper pom. This part can be a little more difficult as there is a thick layer of fluffed tissue layers to work around from the other side, so hold it gently & continue pulling back each layer.

Step 2 Tip:
Even though you are almost finished, don’t get excited & in a hurry, because even up to the last layer, a tear can happen as in my example. Luckily it was the last layer & less of a chance to be seen, but it proves just how delicate the paper poms are. So, just enjoy making it come to life & relax during the 15 minutes it takes to make.

Step 3:
Find a place to hang or display it—there are little wire loops on the back of each paper pom for easy hanging. I used simple Command Mini Hooks from my local Walmart. Then sit back, pat yourself on the back, & admire its beauty!


The Hive

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Emily said...

This is a great tutorial! I tried making my own poms once and I had the same questions about my own - they seem so fragile and apparently patience is the key!

vesna said...

thank you

Kat Greene said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I have always wanted big paper flowers in my office and now I know how! So gorgeous!

Rose said...

Note that if you want to have a full sphere, rather than a pom pom that is flat on one side, pull up half of the layers on one side of the wire and then turn it over and pull up the other half on the same side - each side of the wire should have enough layers of tissue paper to give you a full half of the pom pom.

Anonymous said...

I have made probably hundreds of these paper flowers, so when I see them for sale online looking exactly like the ones I made for twenty cents a pop, I think it's just crazy! They are so easy to make and so beautiful. They make any party feel special.

elke said...

I tried this a while back & yours look %100 better than mine- The paper kept ripping on me- Will have to try again with better paper perhaps... I've had pom poms on the brain lately & have a yarn one on my blog today- great job!

Katie said...

Yay! I've been thinking about doing something like this! Thanks for the guide, can't wait to try! xo

Jan | Poppytalk said...

Anon - you should email me - maybe we could feature you and your handy work!

LindseyBee said...

Yes, Patience is key:)
That's a really good idea, Rose! If I want to switch them up & hang them rather than mount them to a wall, I will keep your idea in mind!

Nicky said...

I second Anon, it is so easy and much cheaper to make them totally on your own! The fluffing part is the hard step, so making the little tissue fans is all you would need to do. And then you could choose any color of tissue that your heart desires. I did a brief tutorial on my blog last year And if you really need to buy them pre-made to the fan stage, I think the Martha Stewart ones at craft stores are much cheaper than BHLDN is charging!

Anonymous said...

¡Son preciosas las flores de papel! Quiero saber còmo se llama ese papel que usaron para hacer las flores. Soy de Argentina, y quizàs aquì tenga otro nombre ese papel. Gracias. Graciela.-

Michelle said...

i featured this on my blog today - check it out!

coripops said...

IF I were to colour each fold of the tissue a different colour, would the colours turn out mixed or grouped together?

lindseybee said...

Hola Graciela-Probablemente puede comprar el papel en una papelería, tienda grande con suministros de regalo. ¡Espero que ayude! (¡Lo siento por mi mala gramática española!)