hello shiso!

Mimi Tsang, the designer behind hello shiso, understood from an early age that accessories can make an outfit. hello shiso is a small design studio and workshop based in Berkeley, CA making accessories for boys and girls and sometimes their parents. They love creating well-made, modern designs with fun details and suspect that grown-ups secretly buy their goods for themselves! Visit them at their shop or at their blog, where they rock the weekends with Fashion Show Sunday!  Also we are lucky enough to have them with us this month at Poppytalk Handmade!

Jan Halvarson


ChuChus said...

lovely blog! i really like it!!!


Pinecone Camp said...

Now this is some seriously cute accessories for kids. Love it all. I'm happy I have so many nieces! ;)

sparrowgrey said...

Very cute, thanks for sharing!

Danielle Landy said...

i'm jealous of that girls bun, i'm diggin' it!