Adorable Acorn Cookies! (An Autumn Colours Week Recipe)

acorn cookies
By saganaga

Rachel of saganaga submitted this picture to our Autumn Colours Week pool today of some acorn cookies she made for her 4 year old daughter.  I've never seen these before and had to share them with you - aren't they adorable?  Rachel also left the recipe with her photo. So easy!
Take: a Hersey's kiss, a mini Nilla wafer, a butterscotch chip & 'glue' it together using sunflower butter (or some other nut butter). bon appetit !  Thank you Rachel!

Jan Halvarson


melissa said...

What a perfect little finger food to bring to a party!
Thanks for sharing :D
Definitely going to do this soon!

Simply, Melissa Ashley

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry said...

Adorable! What a good idea. I'm going to make some this weekend.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

WOW, so easy and great.

nest full of eggs said...

Thanks so much for featuring my acorn cookies photo ! I hope the ingredients are easy for people to find around the world. I used dark chocolate Hersey's Kisses, but really any Hersey's Kiss would work. It's funny because I'm a 'spring girl' & find myself so uninspired in the fall. Have a great day !

Lady Grey said...

those are so cute!

Jan | Poppytalk said...

Thanks again Rachel they are so darling!

Heidi said...

These are the cutest! I can't believe I've never seen them before... I have to find a reason to make these.:) Fall entertaining is the best!


Autumn Hoy said...

These look very cute and easy to make. To avoid those children with a peanut allergy, are there suggestions from those who have made these what else could be used for the "glue" instead of peanut butter? Would icing work or something else? Thanks!

Autumn Hoy said...

These look very cute and easy and I want to make them. For those children with a peanut allergy, what suggestion do you have from those that have made these as to what can be used instead of peanut butter for the "glue"? Could icing be used or something else?