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8 Mini DIY Round-Up

DIY - A hanger with a name by Lait Fraise Mag

 Pulled Fringe Napkins from Purlbee

 Custom envelopes by Pugly Pixel


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Loving those pulled fringe napkins! Great round up - thanks!

Anna @ Mischief, Flapjacks, Pantone & Me said...

Great link to the Pugly Pixel envelopes, they look fun and so easy to make. Thanks :-)

Weekend Project Girl said...

Love the napkin idea! I'll definitely do these! Thanks!

Riann said...

The napkins are so adorable, oh my gosh :) Just incase any introduction is necessary, I'm Riann, a closet follower for quite a while now!

katrina said...

i'm impressed by the diy fringe napkins from the purlbee -- beautiful and so well-made. thanks for sharing it.

i'm happy you enjoyed the custom envelope tutorial, jan. thanks for including it in this round-up!

Mary V said...

Beautiful napkins, and I'm a fan of Pugly Pixel! (Katrina!) you guys are so creative and kind to share your projects with us! Happy Halloweeen! :) ~Mary

Jan | Poppytalk said...

Hey Riann! Cool to meet you!
Katrina! Thanks always for your inspiration.

Corinna said...

Love the envelopes. I've never seen catalogues look so good!