2011 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

1.  Frankie Magazine 2012 Journal, Foxes, $35 (New Zealand)
2.  Mineral Beach Necklace, Regina Dabdab, $298
3.  Leaf Brooch (kissing), Puur Anders, $33
4.  Cyclone Fence Handkerchief, Loquita–New York, $95
5.  Custom Calligraphy Stationery Stamp II, Besotted Brand, $65
6.  Acorn Mittens (eco), dear pony, $34
7.  Canyon De Chelly Scarf, (Pendleton - The Portland Collection, $98

8.   Wanderlust Cloak (Cream), Scout & Catalogue, $128
9.   Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera, Polaroid, $299.99
10. The Drifter Series in Jet Black–NW Scavenged Driftwood, ISWAS+WILLBE, $37
11. Nature Walk Journal, Flutter, $12.99
12. Mugtail, hviit, $160NOK

Opaque Diamond Ring, Rust Jewelry, £695.00

Arbor Journal, roughdrAftbooks, $24

Jan Halvarson


californiarausch said...

I can't go to the Diamant Ring Link. can you please, update it?

lauren may said...

beautiful things! i want all of them! although i already have the frankie journal and it is beautiful. looks lovely alongside mine from this year :)


Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

What great gift options! Love the design of the journal on the bottom!

Jan | Poppytalk said...

californiarausch - oops! sorry about that - the link is now fixed!

lauren bergman said...

What a lovely round-up! I seriously love everything you've put together here! The Wanderlust Cloak is now on the top of my wish list. I wanted to share my jewelry that is very much of the same vibe. Enjoy perusing!


Cheers! Lauren

boygirlparty said...

that journal at the bottom just stole my heart! great gift guide, jan & earl!

Jan | Poppytalk said...

Lauren, i know that cloak - i want it too!

Boygirlparty - thanks and i agree e's journal has to be one of my favourite of hers.

My Favourite Fashion Things said...

cute, love everything