Not Just Another (Holiday/Anyday) Card!

Ok, so wrap your head around this one.  Take an app (for your iPhone), add some pics you took, create a card using the app, and then have it actually send a physical card to whoever you wish (message or letter and all).  That's about the jist of the new Cartolina Postale iPhone app from Cartolina.  Yep, our clever friends at Cartolina have taken their iPhone greeting card app one step further by allowing you to actually take that virtual greeting card by sending a real one.  Partnering up with you can now basically take a picture, place it into a card (using their app) and then have that card mailed to anyone, anywhere!  The app is FREE and the cost of printing and mailing a 4 x 6 postcard in the US is $1.99. Cards arrive very quickly - within 5 days according to their tests (in the US and UK) and a little longer to Canada. The quality of the cards is shiny, bright, heavy weight cardstock. Check them out here!

Jan Halvarson


Alicia said...

I love his! Sincerely has a few good apps that are similar to that. I've used PopBooth and Postagram and thought they were really cool.

Fiona Cartolina said...

Thank you Jan - you are too kind! I was secretly hoping that you would do a post - well not really secretly at all!


Que bonitas combinaciones de fotos!!
Un beso

Cupcake Carrie said...

Downloading NOW! Thanks for sharing!!!

Cerise said...

So beautiful! Just downloaded!

Architette Studios said...

Very nice! I have also used their Postagram app for a while now too. Very nice addition! :)