Inspiration: Holiday Decorating Idea No. 15

Another cool Christmas tree alternative (if you're not spending the holidays at home) or for a second room, like in this case, "the kids room tree" by Elsie Marley.  She found a copyright free image of a tree on pinterest and emailed it to kinko's who printed out a 36 x48 copy on their plotter.  Learn more info at her post here and see it decorated here!  Via Rikkianne Van Kirk.

Jan Halvarson


Erin said...

That's kind of sad. Not a very merry tree.

REread said...

I think it's sweet xx

Rikkianne said...

This is one of my favorites this year. Love the idea, the tape, all of it. I was excited to see what the kids would make as ornaments :) Thank you for posting the update! I hadn't seen it yet.

I now want to look for old photos to get blown up.

lyndsay said...

i love this!! i love it decorated, that's brilliant... !