Mini DIY Round-Up

Sweet DIY votives from Fellow Fellow

 Pebble painting and drawing tools from Magamerlina (via craftzine)

How to grow succulents in a jar by Elisa McLaughlin

Fun with Plasti-dip via Rikkianne Van Kirk

Jan Halvarson


K said...

This post is just plain FUN! Love all these really creative ideas where plain things become amazing!.....and they are so do-able!
Thanks for the post.

Blace said...

Thanks for sharing all of these. I've actually been seeking info on succulents in a jar and the bit on the plaster looks just too fun.

Anonymous said...

I want to go to Goodwill RIGHT NOW and plasti-dip trinkets the same colors as my old map in my kitchen.

hardydanielle said...

Thanks so much for the post!!! Im for sure going to try some of these out :)