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13 Hotel Style - The Saguaro, Palm Springs + Scottsdale

It's been a while since I've done a Hotel Style post. But this one was hard not to notice today on Pinterest. Looks like Joanna Goddard found a rainbow treasure this week and I couldn't pass up adding it to my Hotel Style collection of posts.

On the heels of their successful launch of the Saguaro Scottsdale, Sydell assembled the same team of creative partners to help re-launch this hotel, also named The Saguaro [suh-warh-oh], after the iconic cactus of the Sonoran Desert. The Saguaro [suh-warh-oh] with it's vibrant colour palette inspired by the native flowers of the Colorado Desert is located in Palm Springs and near The Sydell Group's first Palm Springs project, the Ace Hotel.

The Saguaro Scottsdale

A few pics from the equally lovely Saguaro in Scottsdale.  Don't all these colours make you want to just erase the entire palette of your home and redo?  I'm already dreaming of a sherbert-inspired kitchen! I think the trick here is the light pine.  Lots of eye candy to behold.  Check it out below.




b and e said...

Wow such amazing colour!


Miss Milky said...

Great! Colorfull life holiday!

Margit said...

Great colors - so inspiring - thank you
Creativ Tail

Rebecca said...

Just stunning! This is what you want a hotel to look like in my book!x

Kamilla Olsen said...

WUAAW!! I love all those beautiful colors..

Maria said...

I love the decor of both hotles. Alas, I live in New England and colors that look gorgeous in the desert don't always translate well to my neck of the woods. I guess I need two homes! ;)

Tulips & Tulle said...

Love this! I want to be on holidays right now!

I'd love if you had a sec to check out my newest restaurant review post via Tulips&Tulle!

Betty Bake said...

that is soo cool! I shared your post here http://eatluvpray.blogspot.com/2012/03/multi-coloured-hotel-so-pretty.html
and I made sure it was linked

have a fab day

Betty Bake

Anna Conway said...

Wow! I'm going there!

Ladies Holiday said...

What is not to love...and just in time for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...St. Patrick's day.

Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...


Claire Caudwell said...

Wow! What awesome hotels, interior colour and design! I would love to stay here!

Khristian A. Howell said...

I love this unabashed celebration of color! This is what living life means to me - pure joy!!