Last Call for Submissions: Mother's Day + Eco Market

This is a last call for submissions for our Mother's Day and Eco Market at Poppytalk Handmade which runs from April 9th, 2012 through to May 4th, 2012. The market will feature everything for Mom (from jewelry, gifts, papergoods, accessories, art, etc.) and also Earth Day which is April 22 - so lots of eco things too!  Note: Submissions don't have to be all eco or all mother's day related but as long as one or two items fall under these categories either as gifts or themed related. Ifi you're interested in marketing for Mother's Day and/or your eco-themed wares, please submit by emailing us here or at (poppytalkblog [at] yahoo [dot] ca) with the words Mother's Day Market in the subject line.  Submission deadline Monday April 2nd/12. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jan Halvarson


Sadee Schilling said...

That locket is gorgeous! I love Eye Poetry; their horse photography makes me feel like a horse-crazy little girl, even though I never was one as a kid! :)

Unknown said...

Submission officially underway! Can't wait to see the vendors :)

Unknown said...

I emailed you... I hope you got it!

Snuggly Ugly said...

Looking forward to be working with you! I emailed you my submission.