New Organic Fabrics from Cloud9

Contributor Post from Megan at Room6

I used to spend more time quilting (something I hope to get back to one of these days), but even when I don't have any quilting projects on the go, I can't walk past a fabric shop without picking up at least one fat quarter. They're like little pieces of candy. Highly addictive.

I'm excited about all the new collections from Cloud9 Fabrics and I really love the Simpatico collection designed by Cloud9 co-founder Michelle Engel Bencsko (June 2010 release). All organic cotton too!

Image here

Jan Halvarson


Aukse said...

I love these colors! So beautiful. :)

Lela said...

These fabrics look lovely! I would love to plaster my couch with pillows made out of these...

Jillian in Italy said...

These are gorgeous fabrics. Such lovely colours. I too can't leave a material shop empty handed. It's my weak spot.