A Little Black + White

1. A perfect match - vintage leather sofa and large format photograph by hotze.nl
2. Fisherman's house Norm Cph via Emmasblogg
3. Vosgesparis: Painting a locker - Inspired by Milano {bedroom storage}
4. Nighthawk Clutch by s e a e c h o from Summerland
5. Love this bedding. Photographed by Jeroen van de Spek for vtwonen (via Sfgirlbybay)
6. "Let's Go Anywhere." Neon sign by Sarah Foelske, personal project.(via the99percent.com)
7.  Image found in the tumblr abyss (now Pinterest) - looking for it's owner.  If you know, please comment below, thanks.  It's in my Lost and Found Board at Pinterest.

All images inspired via my Pinterest.

Jan Halvarson


vosgesparis said...

Hey ;) Thanks for including my bedroom picture... happy weekend
x desiree

Dreaming of June said...

I love black and white. Especially with one bold colour added to it.

eather lounge suites perth said...

No kidding ! I really love the beds and the sofa. I appreciate every post with a sofa or a bed.

Unknown said...

exactly my style... love this pics!

Lela said...

B&W just always looks classy and chic. I especially like the print!

Ana de la Serna said...

A perfect match indeed!

aniuta said...

really tasty! geometric cover inspired...