Home Take Out

From vartnyahem.se

It's been a while since I've done a little round-up over at Babble, so after finding some really cute take out windows (home style) about lately, I thought I would do one.  It's just a little round up, but so worth checking out.  Click here to see, it'll totally want to make you punch out a window to your deck!

Jan Halvarson


caroline @trend-daily said...

These patio windows are such a simple but brilliant idea! Thanks so much for sharing-I might try and use the ideas in some of my designs! :-) Caroline

plastic box said...

Wow! I love it. It is indeed a very brilliant idea. Nice post.

Solana James said...

I love this idea and that Capetown kitchen is quite dreamy!

Unknown said...

Ooooh! Sooooo summer-y! Love them. It's so perfect. I checked it out on Babble!