Under the Stars: Campground Cool

Guest post by Lily Ellis of Birch + Bird.

Growing up, we camped every summer without fail and I have so many great family memories of our time spent on the Oregon Coast or at a remote lake somewhere. There's something so special about being surrounded by nature, the smell of campfire and the chill of early morning swims, isn't there? Although we didn't get fit a camping trip into our summer this time round, now that our three kids are a little bit older, I think it will be a must-do for the summers to come...especially if we were housed in one of these chic sites! Which would you choose?

Photo by Young & Hungry for Kinfolk 

 Photo by Jeroen van der Spek for Vtwonen

Photo by Gilles de Chabaneix for Architectural Digest

Poster by Scarlett Veith on Society6

How about you, did you sleep under the stars at all this summer? Camping is a lot of work to prepare for (not to mention unpacking!) but is usually well worth it...weather permitting! This will be the last of my outdoor guest posts for now (thanks for having me, Jan!) but I hope to see you all again very soon...Happy Trails!
Lily co-writes with Rachel over at Birch + Bird
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Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

WOW these are amazing. I need to do one more camping trip before summer is over. So fun!

Bambino by the Bay said...

I would love to have a couple more nights this summer to camp in that fantastic tent in the first picture or in that gorgeous Airstream! Always so much fun!

Emma Majury said...

The weather over here in Northern Ireland hasn't been very camping friendly this year but we still managed to go camping for our honeymoon! http://goo.gl/xTyps

Genevieve said...

Living in PA we like to camp in the woods in the fall in your standard tent but that beach camp site looks amazing!

Raina @A Stylist's Life said...

I write this as we are in a tiny cottage that is only a slight bit above camping at the beach in Cape Cod. That little cottage is my dream, although the airstream and tent are pretty close seconds. Thanks for sharing.

Heather Belle said...

I've never even been camping, but this post makes it look like sooo much fun!
xo Heather

I am Mary said...

agree with Jenny. amazing pics. and slso very isnpiring!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see that West Elm photo, I stop and sigh and yearn to be a part of it. If only camping could be as chic!

Emilia said...

Cool! A tent that looks like a bed room.! Fantastic!

Unknown said...

That tent is from BeckelCanvas.com...your camping could be just as "chic"...